Cowboys and cowgirls

17 Aug

My mum does country dance. Yes she does!! And looks pretty good in her cowboy outfit!!

One evening we went to see her dancing. The dancing is really nice and full of rhythm, and even though my mum was stressed to have all of us in the audience (I could see her counting the steps, one two three…) she did very well and looked really good!!  It was still in the week of the cousins being there as well, so we went earlier and had a pizza together.




We are now waiting for the show of the year to start, with great anticipation!! It had to be night, so in french summer time, that means that it can’t start before 10 o’clock!!



Here are both stars: my mum and Claude. Claude only did the entrance with my mum because he didn’t do the demos this summer. It was nice that he walked in with my mum. I really enjoyed that!



After a few dances, they invite people from the audience to come and join them. We danced things like the Madison and others…

I like this pic. My sister and I look very confused 😉



The after show pictures. Killian seems tired: it is by then close to 11pm!!


The cow boy family!!



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