Sharing the sand with cousins

17 Aug

Marraine, un poste juste pour toi alors!!! Mais le poste de Luna Parc etait encore en France, au cas ou…

One of the highlights of our french trip was to see my sister (aaaaawww) and her children!! They came for our last week there, which also meant that it was the week we rented a little bachelor, for space sake. It worked out quite well to meet up at the beach, at the apartment or in town etc… I don’t know on my sister’s side, but on our side, Léanna was frequently nagging to go and see Margot, her cousin so that she could play with her, translate ‘mother her in a overbearing way’. Matt and Margot are the same age, even though Matt looks twice her size, but not to worry, Margot is a fierce little shrimp and there was no pushing over without retaliation! As for Killian and Thomas, also of similar age, once they sorted out the sharing system, they were quite happy to play together.

I feel quite sad that the cousins are so far apart geographically. When I was little, every summer we would go camping with my aunt, uncle and cousins and those are some of my best childhood memories. So I’m really looking forward to my sister coming to visit – nudge, nudge, for her fortieth birthday!! Oui oui frangine, tu l’as dit!!!!

At the beach








And here stands the granny, la mamie, watching as an hawk, those little grandchildren of hers, fearing the drowning accident in only a few centimeters of water 😉 and enjoying the laughter of her offsprings!



One Response to “Sharing the sand with cousins”

  1. Marraine August 18, 2009 at 2:00 pm #

    Merci ma ptite chérie pour les photos.Excuses moi j’ai cru que c’était chez vous,merci de m’avoir rectifiée. Léana recevra une carte pour son anniversaire, et peut être unpetit coup de téléphone. Mille gros bisous à tous Marraine

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