…A rainbow later

19 Aug

… she was born.

My sweet Léa was born 6 hours and a rainbow later, already 6 years ago. From this tiny shrimp of 2.4kgs …

First Week 010

to this smiling little girl.


When I think of you Léa, I think of your kind heartedness, your reserved manners – when you’re not around your brothers, in which case you turn into a fishmonger – your love of drawing, your humongous patience which put me to shame more than once and your desire to obey God.

You are my firstborn and you brought so much joy and turmoil into our lives from day one. As I was reminded today by a friend who was reminiscing, the little things that seemed so crucial at the time, are such distant memories now.

I remember you crying for the first week of your life, probably non-stop (I know, feeding you would have helped with the crying…), I remember you crying for a whole term at your first school, which forced me to sit every morning in the background, and I also remember you crying Sunday after Sunday at Sunday school.

But today, on your sixth birthday, I look back and I am so encouraged by the confidence you have gained. You don’t shy away, you’re shining and you have a quiet strength of character that is comforting. Both papa and I are very thankful to God for the gift He has given us in you and we pray that in His grace, He will add to your years a growing love for Him and for His word.


Happy Birthday my lovable, sweet-tempered and tender-hearted child!!!

One Response to “…A rainbow later”

  1. Phillip August 19, 2009 at 8:43 pm #

    Thanks for the beautiful post sweetie. This is when I love blogs!

    I love the last picture. The two girls in my life…

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