Marineland: once in a lifetime

19 Aug

Another outing we did on that last week with my sister was Marineland!!! It’s a theme park – not the kind with merry go rounds and stuff, no, no, the kind with dolphins, killer whales and seals!!!

The shows are absolutely amazing! You look at these well-trained beasts and you want one for a pet!! Apart from the fact that one has to be early at the show to have good seat – and by early, I mean 1 hour before the time – the kids really couldn’t believe their eyes!! We can’t tell by the pictures, but we went there many: my mum and Claude, my sister and Stef and 2 kids and us 5. We met for the shows and the rest of the time, my sister and I stayed all together as a one big happy family. Once again it was lovely to interact with her kids, they’re such sweetie pies! For this one week, I was their favourite aunty and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Killian had to deal with his ‘problems’, like he said (not because he didn’t like them, just because he wasn’t sure what to do with their spontaneous hugs!): Margot and Thomas showing some affection.

Don’t you love his facial expression? Not too sure if he must like it or not…



We could enjoy the shows of the orcas,




and of the dolphins


I know it looks a bit like Free Willy but quite grand nonetheless!


It was quite a tiring day and an expensive one too, but definitely an experience that comes once in a lifetime! There are  evening shows as well that are breathtaking. We couldn’t stay with the children, but one day, in a distant future, one where money, children and time are a non-issue, we’ll be there!!


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