Papillons and other bugs…

22 Aug

We’ve had a week of celebration leading up to Lea’s birthday party.


This year, Lea is at school and on Tuesday, the day before D-day, Ouma and I had to bake and decorate 32 cupcakes for the kids in her class and the teachers, mind you. It’s actually very special for the birthday kid to go from the one class to the next, offering a cupcake to the other teachers. For most kids it is. Lea wasn’t too convinced because she didn’t know the names of the other teachers, so what would she say?… Of course after making fun of her, gently, and pointing out to her that I think most kids are in the same boat as her and that I think the other teachers will not harshly punish her for it, she applied her mind to it. On Wednesday morning I dropped her at school and even managed to steal a pic or two with some of her friends. When Mrs G. her teacher put the crown on her head, the same crown that every birthday child receives, her face was glowing more than a glow worm. She was so sweet and excited. It turns out that she enjoyed giving a cupcake to the other teachers, and they didn’t even sternly rebuked her. Fancy that!

Then we had two days to get everything ready, an outing with the train, a bookclub and a Busy Kids in between. Thankfully, the Busy Kids got cancelled, and I had my favorite mum-in-law to help me make everything ready and beautiful.

Friday afternoon came, and we had a cake – huge thank you again to Nicole 😉 You’re a star!


We had enough food for the neighborhood and we had beautiful real – and fake flowers to fit the butterfly theme, more importantly we had friends coming. The party could start!

It’s the first time that Lea had an all-girl party, through a range of circumstances ( and I did miss you, Kerry, and Caren as well as your offspring!) It’s radically different: so very quiet that I almost felt the urge to fill the void by screaming and jumping – my household is usually much louder! Phil took care of the boys and they were watching a video in the bedroom – later on joined by Katie who thought the fun was where the boys are (…I don’t mean it in that sense!) I was quite surprised that they didn’t want to join in but as Killian pointed out ‘it’s only girls and they’re going to talk and not play with me and bla bla bla” which sums it up, doesn’t it!

The girls could have some face paint if they wanted to, and a big thank you to Andie for doing it, so patiently and carefully!



One of the activity was to ice a cupcake and decorate it to make it look like a butterfly. They were in the play room, and I wondered about my carpet and my couch… But here they were, sitting quietly, enjoying the fine skill game, not dropping a single drop of icing, not even on the table itself.


We then had a fun game involving jelly, hidden worms and two teams. The game was short and sweet but the funniest part was to see these girls digging into the jelly after the game and eating it like there is no tomorrow and no belly ache!




That was the game. Now for the eating-like-a-pig,




The girls didn’t all know each other, so it was also interesting to see how they would relate. They played a bit together, even if inevitably they ended up playing with the ones they feel more at ease with. But it seems that all of them had fun.

The boys were released for the cake and the song 😉 and immediately the noise level went up by one decibel!


And after everyone is gone, I sigh a sigh of relief. It is finished, until next time! All I need to do now is to write the thank you letters and clean the house… although I might leave that to my dear Veronica on Monday!


One Response to “Papillons and other bugs…”

  1. Coppa August 22, 2009 at 6:22 pm #

    Quelle jolie fête! Merci ma chérie de toutes les explications. J’ai eu l’impression d’être parmi vous.
    Ce sont de très bons moments qui feront d’excellents souvenirs.
    biz à tous et une de plus à ma grande de 6 ans

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