An unprepared cast…

4 Sep


To see a play made by your kids, in the lingering hours of the afternoon can be described as many things, but not boring.

As I sat in the boys room, I was chuckling to myself – lest they see me and rebuke me – at the funny sight of it. The play started by Lea being a princess and Killian being a prince. Matty was severely rebuked for being on the bed, because he had not attended the prep work. Because the kids wanted to start in a glorious way, I decided to share my three full and long years of drama experience, a few 15 years ago!! I showed them the way we hear many ‘sticks hits” – boum boum boum boum boum… (I cannot for the life of me translate that in a better way!) to get the crowd’s attention, and then the three ‘hits’ just before the curtain lifts – boum boum boum!!!

Amazed at my knowledge, they then decided to put that into practice by actually giving that role to Matt who was now allowed to be on the top bunk and lift the duvet. And so appeared the princess and the prince – who don’t yet know each other and live in different castles. A few seconds later, the two actors stopped the play and discussed, openly in front of the audience (me and myself) what was supposed to happen next. Clearly the rehearsals were not that intense! After a few moments of disagreements, mixed with shouts, pouts, and threats of leaving the show, Lea decided that for the sake of the play, she would agree to slightly change the story in order to suit her brother’s volatile personality. He will now be a king – why am I not surprised – and she’ll just be a queen.

In the meantime, I need to mention that Matty who, being slightly bored with the tantrums of the stars, decided to climb up and down the bunk beds, using my shoulder and my head as a step. Fair enough, it provided challenging entertainment for myself and I nearly got into trouble with the actors, being accused of not watching carefully. In my defense, I tried to argue that watching the king seating on his throne reading books and the queen in her room getting ready for the big ball was not the kind of show I had in mind. The king had complaints about having to dance and claimed a lame excuse of being tired and as the director (yes, I can wear many hats), I took his place and danced with the queen – to her delight. My strategy worked, and the king was swiftly back into the show, afraid that I might steal the limelight. After a few more change of costumes – mainly of the princess – we all agreed to call it quit for the day…

It was finally bath time! Time flies when you’re having fun!!!


2 Responses to “An unprepared cast…”

  1. Ali September 6, 2009 at 7:24 am #

    🙂 – that’s funny. Yes, the things we put our parents (and any other willing adult) through! I tagged you in a recipe tag, because I am most curious as to what a cross between French and Afrikaans looks like in the way of food, but feel free to pass if you’d rather not.

  2. Marraine September 5, 2009 at 10:32 am #

    Bravo pour le théatre !!Je riais toute seule en te lisant.Décidemment, tu me fais bien profiter de toi et de tes enfants. Merci. Bisous !

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