When the Spirit moves, only halfway…

12 Sep

The Spirit was clearly with me, otherwise I would have throttled him, my son, my 4 and a half year old son.

We had quite a tough day together and he was very very emotional the whole day. He is prone to mood swings under normal circumstances but on that day…

After many emotional episodes, he shouted a string of words along the lines of ‘stupid’, ‘shut up’ and ‘shut your mouth’, with smoke coming out of his nostrils, like an angry buffalo.

Now we have a rule in our house. I do not want to hear words that convey a rude attitude. I’ve been hearing a lot of ‘shut’ with an explanation of ‘but I didn’t say shut UP, just shut’ but since we target the attitude, it’s still not acceptable. The rule is not new, but the consequence is: a cleaning of the mouth.

So on that day, Killian was the first one to have the special wash. And he was not impressed. The first challenge was to get him in the bathroom, without chasing him through the house. The second was to get him to have a semi open-mouth. I felt a bit like Jack Bauer in 24 (the series) before a torture scene. Not that I thought it would be torture, but as I was preparing the little hand soap, with a little bit of water to make it a paste, I felt like I was cleaning my utensils. With a good amount of holding and pressing and rubbing, I managed to apply some of the paste onto some of the teeth. Thereafter came a serious amount of spitting and rinsing, but the point was made. And then came the teaching time. I know the Spirit was with me because the words were coming very easily as I was explaining to a now-calm Killian how I could only wash his mouth with soap but that I couldn’t clean his heart, from the inside. I explained how only Jesus is able to do that if we only ask Him and allow Him to. I made sure he understood that it wasn’t just him that needed to have Jesus but all of us, me included. I had no difficulty reminding him of the bad things that I do, or say (of course he always remembers the time when I scream and shout and lose my temper) to show him that me too, I needed Jesus ‘ help and forgiveness… I was amazingly Spirit-guided. And then I asked: So, Killian, would you like to ask Jesus to come into your heart and clean it?

NO was his resounding answer!, clearly NOT Spirit-guided.

…and so we press on!


2 Responses to “When the Spirit moves, only halfway…”

  1. Marraine September 14, 2009 at 7:09 pm #

    Il est un petit peu en avance,mais les enfants ont besoin de dire des gros mots .. c’est le moment des cacas boudins !! ;Des fois il faut ignorer, sauf s’il s’adresse aux grandes personnes évidemment ! Bon courage comme dit ta Mum, mais ne t’épuises pas trop.Plus tu lui diras plus il dira !!! mille bizz

  2. Coppa September 14, 2009 at 2:46 pm #

    Ah Killian! toujours autant de caractère je vois !
    C’est désespérant mais ils sont tous pareils.Dès qu’ils découvrent les” gros mots” ils s’en gargarisent .Bon courage et continue les leçons de morale.Ca portera sûrement ces fruits

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