Birthdays catch up…

13 Sep

As I sit, downloading the photos on my camera – they date all the way back to first week in August : 0 – I see that I missed quite a few events… but not a train smash, I’ll do what my friend Kerry always does on her blog and that’s called mass-blogging. I’ll catch up on the life that happened in August.

August is my ‘dreaded’ month, well not so much dreaded as busy. My daughter was born in that month, and at least 3 of our friends’ kids too. That makes for a lot of party packets to eat and quite a collection of photos to download.

This was Jesse’s birthday and although there would be probably more pics on Kerry’s blog, here are some of my favorites.

Ben, Jesse-birthday boy, Killian and Matt.

Kiera and Lea,


Like father, like son,






Hitting the pinata,


After a very busy day, some sleep,


…and some need a little extra. Sweet Becky, holding her nebuliser on her own.


Another birthday that I failed to journal was Micah’s first party., also much better recorded on his mum’s site. The party was at the Porter’s market. It was the first time I went there and it was above all my expectations!! I have a mental block when it comes to hypes. My theory is if something becomes the new hype, as a reactionist, I want to avoid it, which is quite silly really, because I end up missing out on interesting new things – on the other hand, it also saved me from wearing Crocs!! Since organic products are like the new food fashion, I tend to avoid them. But this market… I loved it! Space for kids to run and play, stalls to browse and buy from. II bought pesto, coming highly recommended by Taryn and tested by Phillip, my husband and olives like only the south of France can do and a yummy bread that even my bread machine can’t make! So all thumbs up for Porter and a sweet and relaxed birthday party, not filled with sweets, not even with a birthday cake… but I suspect there was a cake but I might have been distracted, browsing and spending!!

A few pics of the morning,

Katherine, almost 1

Gorgeous Becks

Funny Kate with her painted face

Some of the older girls playing their own game in the greens of the Porter’s market

And of course Micah the birthday boy, thoroughly enjoying his party. I actually didn’t get any pic of hi before that time. He did have a much better time than this!!

This is it for the birthdays catch up. It’s now reading time!


5 Responses to “Birthdays catch up…”

  1. debbie hutton September 26, 2009 at 10:47 pm #

    Matt and I share a birthday – that’s why I “missed” it:)

  2. Ingrid September 26, 2009 at 1:47 pm #

    Mmmh, no you didn’t miss it. I did! it was just before we left for France and I had a far too busy mind for it… I wonder if it’s too late…. probably not, since it’s my blog and all!!

  3. debbie hutton September 14, 2009 at 1:51 pm #

    Speaking of birthdays, did you or I miss Matt’s blog birthday??!!

  4. knewill September 14, 2009 at 9:46 am #

    And on another note… you’ve immortalied Becky being nebulised! Or rather nebulising herself. It truly is tragic that she has become the expert. Sigh.

  5. knewill September 14, 2009 at 9:44 am #

    Love the pics! Jes and Becks were very chuffed to see themselves on the computer. Great pinata shot too. But I ahd to laugh at the shot of “gorgeous Becks” at Micah’s bday impersonating a panda with her blue eye. She was definitely gorgeous there.

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