Return to homeland

13 Sep

Our friend Debbie (the Garrat Gab) who left for Norway at the beginning of the year is back for a couple of weeks in South Africa, the reason being that her driving licence came to an end and had to renew it from here. I think for once, she must have really enjoyed going the extra mile for admin!!! She braved a 15 hour flight on her own with her two little children, Kristin (4) and Caleb (2 and a half)

Of course, for us, mums with children, any excuse is good enough to come together to chat and eat and have the children have a good play. We had a lovely afternoon catching up on her life and settlement in Norway, learning the language, adapting to a new way of life and most importantly – since it is one of the main reasons that they expatriated – the many evangelistic opportunities that they had since they went over. Norway has a huge need for the Gospel to be spread and preached – well what country doesn’t have that need really – and Debbie found the people in ministry there not very well taught but with a great teachable heart, allowing Daniel to be used extensively. This is something really to praise God about, even if that means that Debbie had to leave country and family behind.

Nonetheless, it was a real treat to see her and her bambinos. We invaded and mistreated her parents’ home while they were away for a few days, just like teenagers organize a party while the parents are not home; except that Debbie’s parents knew about it and totally agreed on it! So thank you to them for letting us wreck their house!

Here are a few pictures of the afternoon. Debbie’s little ones are the two on the left hand side of the pic.



That is Debbie, dancing the crazy-dance to get a simultaneous smile out of these 14 kiddies! Not a small affair!


Some other sweet shots of the day,

IMG_2535.jpg IMG_2538.jpg

IMG_2566.jpg IMG_2548.JPG


When it gets too loud, one shouts louder!



Paparrazzi at hand:


Debbs and her two little ones.



See you very soon, Debbs, maybe in Norway!! 🙂


2 Responses to “Return to homeland”

  1. knewill September 14, 2009 at 9:42 am #

    We miss you Debs but are so grateful for what God is doing through you guys!

  2. Debby September 13, 2009 at 7:28 pm #

    aaaa, was SO nice to see you and your precious little ones too……PLEASE come visit us in Norway, you are ALWAYS welcome.

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