In the world, not of it…

29 Sep

Last Young Adults camp for this year… A good end to the third term!

We left for Jubilee campsite on Saturday morning to be with a group of our Young Adults to learn more of God’s Word.

To be in the world but not of it. How to live in a world that is hostile to the king we serve, and therefore is hostile to those who love Him. How to be in the world, to be meaningful, to be considered, to be listened to, yet expecting to be rejected, mocked, and alienated… this was the theme of our Young Adults camp, this September month.

On the teaching side, we heard 3 different talks on the topic.

In the first one, Phillip reminded us from the passage in John 17:15 that Jesus sent us in the world like He was sent into the world by his father. John 3:16 shows us why God sent Jesus into the world – “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” God loves the world and wants people to have eternal life. This was so important to him that he sent his son into the world. It is no wonder that this mission is also important to Jesus and therefore he now sends his disciples (and by implication from John 17:20 us) into the world in the same way. It is not surprising that we see from John 17 that our mission would therefore look like Jesus’ mission. We will be sanctified by God’s Word( God’s word is truth) and we will suffer, like Jesus, because of the world’s rejection.

In the second talk, Mervyn used the same passage as Phillip and again reminded us that our mission is to be into the world. There is no room for withdrawal in a safe christian nest. There are three reasons to go into this world: for ourselves (to see what we can get out of this world), for others (to serve them) or for God. The latter is my mission, as a Christian: to be in this world for God’s glory.

Therefore, it has implications for my mission: It will be Christ-centred (if I want to glorify God, my message and my life will be about Jesus). It will be Word-shaped (the boundaries of my mission will be shaped by God’s word). It will be in community (no lonesome cowboy!)

In the last talk, Sean used a passage in Romans 14, looking at very practical examples of disputable matters. One of the challenges of the christian life is to love the weaker brother, not in an arrogant way, not because I am superior to him, but because God has accepted him. Who am I to judge another on an issue that is debatable? I was gently rebuked not to judge my brother in Christ because God is the Judge. I am free in Christ (to eat meat or to abstain, to homeschool or not to, to pray on my knees or standing, to have one child or a dozen, to marry or remain single) but I am not to be a stumbling block (as in ‘causing your brother to sin’) to others. As the apostle Paul says, the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating or drinking, but a matter of righteousness, of peace and joy. Whatever I believe – when it comes to disputable issues – is to be KEPT BETWEEN MYSELF AND GOD (verse 22). Oh how I wish I could just hold my tongue at times and keep these things for myself!!

As always, the teaching was a great encouragement to live for Christ.

On the ah-ah funny side, Leighton led one of the sessions and I had a flash-back of the Youth camps: the famous memory verse that had to be re-enacted in different music styles (heavy metal, hip-hop, reggae…) That can only be fully experienced on a video footage to grasp the hilarious moments! However…







On the music side, as always, the YA band rocks!!! The musical genius of Steven and his team makes for awesome moments of praising God through songs!! A huge thank you for all the musicians and singers involved, it is a lot of effort to bring all the material, to rehearse regularly and to lead all of us so beautifully. The camp would not be the same without them… so thank you, thank you to Steve, Randall, Ryan, Daniel, Kirstin, Nicole, Candice and Nico for the sound desk!!!






On the fellowship/free-time side, we had the whole saturday afternoon to do just that. The only rule is: leave no man behind!

Most of the people went to Hermanus and had a close-up glimpse at the whales. They were so close from the shore!!! It was beautiful!!










…not so much fun??

Well don’t be fooled by a three year old strange face!!! We had a lot of fun together, being together, learning together, sharing together… We leave these camps, feeling stronger, richer, readier to be a part of this world, without being of it, to live a life that will glorify God through our actions, our behaviour, our attitudes, our speech and our thoughts.

One Response to “In the world, not of it…”

  1. Sal October 1, 2009 at 8:47 pm #

    Sorry we couldn’t be there! Thanks for the summary of the talks.
    Great pics of the whales too, Inks. X

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