Sweet smell of summer…

6 Oct

Summer is near: I can smell it, I can almost touch it!!!

Thursday 1st October: First swim of the year!!!

Three happy little munchkins, sitting by the pool with their hooded towels, enjoyed their first swim of the year. I can’t say that the water is not cold but kids don’t feel the body temperature warning signals like we do: blue lips, inability to move fingers, goose bumps all over the body that would make any goose jealous… but kids’ brains are wired differently: I see the sun, I feel the heat, I must swim!!

And so they did!


Tuesday 6th of October, first swimming lesson of the year!!!

The swimming season is opened, in spite of today’s weather not even remotely inclined to make anyone think that summer is near. I can’t feel it, I can’t smell it and I can’t touch it. But the kids are excited. We’re going to Avril, I said yesterday. So we’re going to Avril!

Killian and Matt were supposed to take swimming lessons but after Matt’s screaming performance, Lea went in instead – with Matt’s bathing suit, mind you! I don’t know how it’s going to play out, but I suspect that this year, Lea and Killian will refine their strokes technique, while Matt will play on the trampoline 🙂 Oh well, you can bring the cow to the water but you can’t force her to drink, or something like that!!!

Summer is near, I can smell it, I can almost touch it… at least, I’ll pretend that I can 🙂


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