Revolutionary Road

19 Oct

Revolutionary-road.jpg I watched that movie a few weeks ago and thought it was a topic I would like to write about. Unfortunately I never got around writing that blog post but I do remember how disturbing this movie was. I absolutely loved the reality of it. The story displays a young couple in the 60s. She aspires to be a actress but we quickly see that she is not making it while he settles down into a boring conventional job. They are both displayed to live miserable lives. They also have two daughters. To see their lives being depicted on the screen where nothing seems to bring them joy is utterly depressing. The woman, played beautifully by Kate Winslet, comes up with a great idea that they can sell everything and leave for Paris where they can start all over.

This movie, I felt, was about much more than the miserable lives of two individuals. It’s about truth and the pain it brings people when they don’t want to hear. Well, that’s the very deep message that I was left with. In the movie, there is a character who is supposedly insane – the neighbour’s troubled son who resides in a psychiatric ward. He’s the character that speaks his mind without any filter. He in fact often speaks the truth! In one line, he summarised not only the message of the movie but the message of a life without God. As Di Caprio’s character explains why they want to leave America to go to Paris(to escape the misery they are in), the insane guy replies “it takes a wise man to see hopelessness but a brave man to admit this sense of helplessness”. Would Paris bring relief to the meaningless life that the Wheelers have?

What a brilliant line!!! I meet many people that go through life working quite hard at hiding that feeling of hopelessness and very few that are brave enough to admit that feeling of helplessness.

When the truth of the troubled son turns on them however, the Wheelers are not so friendly anymore towards him. It is very hard to hear the truth, isn’t it!

… Unfortunately the movie doesn’t give the answer to that kind of existence. The Wheelers are actually shown as the couple who couldn’t live that way anymore, but they are also shown as ‘the norm’. The neighbours are not happier, the colleagues are not, the woman that felt justifiably used by Di Caprio’s character is certainly not. Only something – or someone – that will bring a real sense of purpose, a solid reason for why we exist would give meaning to a life here on earth. That person can only be an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving God, because only God can fill our need of self-worth, of significance and of security. Only Jesus, the incarnation of God, came to earth to reveal His full plan of salvation, salvation from a life devoid of meaning and purpose.

Revolutionary Road is a great movie that presents a problem, but doesn’t offer solution. How thankful am I that our God doesn’t leave us alone in the dark with the problem of our sin. How thankful am I that He also gave us a solution in His son Jesus for all those who are willing to accept Him!

What did you think?

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