Uncomfortable Christianity

5 Nov

This week end, I went on a woman’s conference called Uncomfortable Christianity. Of a conference, it only has the name. ‘Conference’ has a connotation of deep intellectual mind exercise, and although we had 3 organised sessions where we opened and study the bible, the teaching was at a good, accessible level to anyone.

Alison who put it together thought of having the conference on 2 different days: from the Friday afternoon to the Saturday afternoon, or from the Saturday afternoon to the Sunday afternoon. It’s quite clever really since for me, mum and wife, it’s not always possible to leave my family for 2 nights. Even if Phillip would gladly do it, it’s too much of a rush. So I went on the Saturday-to-Sunday one, a group of girlfriends and me. What fun it was!!! The main activity of the week end was: sit and chat, interrupted by good Bible teaching (as opposed to interrupted by requests and demands by our children!)

As we arrived on Saturday, we first met up in Fishoek for a light lunch, all 6 of us (Lisa, Debbie, Taryn, Di, Adele and I), and the chatting started! We then headed off to the camp site, Rocklands – probably one of the most beautiful one, with a mountain and sea view like nowhere else. We settled in our chalet, with 7 beds. Nicky joined us only a little bit later. Dinner was only served at 6 so we thought it would be a good idea to stay together and chat some more. Food was served, without lifting any fingers – yeah! We had turns to do the washing up, but we are christians, and serving each other in any way is a symbol of how much more our Lord Jesus has served us.

After the first session, there was more time to chat in the main hall, accompanied with some Deluxe coffee and rusks 🙂 And as we headed towards our chalet, well, we chatted some more. In fact, we discussed some of the things that we looked at during the session and talked through some of the questions. We ended praying together, something I don’t do nearly enough with my friends. Sad reality… After a restless night (the wind was howling and it felt and sounded as though the roof would be flown away any minute), we woke up, took turns to shower,exchanged a few underwear tips and got started for the day: more chatting and learning!

Carol Ebden, the speaker for this week end, took us through Matthew 9 and 10, and reminded us of the work to do, the places to go, the things to say… all within the christian context of Jesus sending out his disciples to preach the Gospel in many different places. Jesus gives us a message that requires a response and has eternal significance. It’s always good to be reminded that yes, the message is not always easy to give, that yes, the message is not always welcomed but that we need to remember our mission, no matter how tough and to serve Jesus!

Some of the pics of the week end.

Yes, we did spend a lot of time inside, first because it was windy, and second because we rarely made it outside since we were chatting the whole time!




Proof that there were 80 odd other people with us 🙂


We ventured out for a photo session eventually 🙂


Not cool girls, we were supposed to play it cool…


Trampoline time



Session time



It’s been a real blessing to go… And thank you to our husbands who looked after all our kiddies…


2 Responses to “Uncomfortable Christianity”

  1. Ingrid November 9, 2009 at 9:50 am #

    Ah Ah!!! I thought you would say that 🙂 And I kept one away of just you and a little bit of me, that I like but you might not!
    I’ll send it to you, and you only!!!

  2. debbie hutton November 6, 2009 at 9:32 pm #

    I am definitely in far too many of those pictures!!!!
    I haven’t even got around to blogging about this yet, I was uninspired by my lack of pictures!! But I may just put up a link to yours and Taryn’s seeing as you’ve both done the work already!!!

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