Bramble Elfglow wrote…

15 Nov

Guess who came to visit a couple of nights ago? Bramble Elfglow!! You might not know her but in our house, she brings sun on our face, smiles on our lips, warmth in our hearts and stars in our dreams… Well she does all that for Lea at least. Bramble Elfglow is the little fairy that collects the lost teeth, and leaves money in exchange. And it was a very well-deserved treasure this time! Poor Lea had this wobbly tooth for a long time, and the last few days, it was too wobbly to eat and it made Lea very miserable.

On that day, she came back from school with a sad – and hungry – face. She can’t eat, Lea tells me, and it is very sore! Let me tie a string around it and fasten it to the door and when your brother barges in, off comes your tooth, I suggested. No, no and no! Go figure!! So we spent a miserable afternoon, with moaning on the one side, crying on the other and rambling tummy in the middle. When it was finally bath time, when everything happens at the same time (the food is burning, the telephone is ringing, the boys are fighting and the computer is calling), I hear a “maaaaaaaaaammmmmmaaaaaaa, my tooth…….$*#^@(&($^$#” – sound of someone slipping and falling. After praying that another tooth didn’t come down at the same time, Lea proudly shows me her tooth, in her hand!!! IT HAD FALLEN!!

Our little fairy often happens to be away on the same day as a tooth is falling because at 5 o’clock in the evening, when Bible Study starts at 6.30, there is no time for Bramble to put a few things together… But she did come that night.

IMG_3550.JPG It reads “No time, Day off”. At the back, it says “Please put your tooth out tomorrow, when I work again”.

IMG_3551.JPG And it’s hooked onto her mosquito net.

That was already very exciting for her to find – and I had prepared her, telling her that maybe it’s too late for her to know.

The next night, fortunately, Bramble Elfglow came back and collected the little tooth, left a letter and some money.


The letter reads like this:

My dear Leanna,

I’m so sorry that I couldn’t come yesterday. The mother fairy told me that your tooth had eventually fallen but I was unfortunately away. I was very tired and needed to rest. My work here in the land of the milkteeth is so important that I need to be healthy. Our veggetable garden hasn’t grown yet and so I didn’t eat enough vegetables. Are you eating healthy food every day? It is so important that you keep your teeth in good shape. Otherwise we can’t use them here in our secret land. You see, we use the enamel of your teeth to make some light, by mixing it with hair and lost sweet that we find in little children’s bedroom.

As I’m writing this, I’m looking at you tooth and it appears that it was damaged inside. I wonder if you feel when you were younger. How sore it must have been! We’ve been waiting for this tooth for a long time. That too, must have been painful. What a brave little girl you are! Because you are so brave, because you tooth is still healthy and because you had to wait for an extra day for me, Mother Fairy decided that I should reward you with extra money. She also mentioned that you have a generous heart and that you like to enjoy things with your brothers. So I hope that you would do just that with this fairy treasure.

Keep brushing your teeth, little fairy…

Your devoted Bramble Elfglow

… Lea was absolutely amazed once again. And her favourite part of the letter – the long letter that took me much time to write, by hand, late in the evening, was ” She called me a fairy…”


I don’t know if she is a fairy, but she looks very cute without her front teeth 🙂


2 Responses to “Bramble Elfglow wrote…”

  1. Coppa November 17, 2009 at 4:11 pm #

    que tu es courageuse ma petite chérie! et tu gardes ton adorable sourire. Mamie a elle aussi contact avec les fées à Fréjus et elle leur a demandé de mettre un petit billet sur ton compte pour que tu puisses acheter plein de bonnes choses quand tu reviendras me voir.
    je te fais un Ă©norma bisou

  2. Marraine November 16, 2009 at 11:21 am #

    Bravo LĂ©anna, tu as quand mĂŞme un merveilleux sourire mais j’espère que les autres vont vite remplacer ces petites dents lait. Alors tu en prendra bien soin car ce seront les dernières !!!!! celles qui te serviront toute ta vie !!

    Gros bisou ma chérie Taty mzaeeaine

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