There was an angel…

28 Nov

After many weeks of preparation and rehearsal, and many days of hearing the same songs in the house, sung either solo or as a teaching lesson to her brothers, Lea finally performed her little concert, the nativity play (ie the story of how Jesus came to be born. If you don’t know it, may I suggest that you read the story in the bible, in the book of Matthew, first book of the new testament). Lea was an angel and got to sing a little song. I will write the words here because I heard them MANY times.

Long ago and far away

In Bethlehem a mother lay

Her newborn child upon the hay

He was the blessed Jesus child,

He was the blessed Jesus

The song has the most beautiful tune. It was the opening song of the concert and my sweet babe was rather nervous…

But let me start at the day before. 6 o’clock, we’re waiting for Brenda to come and baby sit the children so that we can go to our last bible study of the year. Ding-dong. Phil gets up and open the door but I hear a strange silence. When Phil calls us to come and see who is at the door, there is no doubt in my mind that it’s not Brenda at the gate. As we step in the doorstep, who do we see?? Ouma!!! None other that our Ouma, the same Ouma that had said that she was so sad that she couldn’t come. Apparently her principal convinced her that she must go. What a nice principal, to understand the longing of a grandma to see her eldest grandchild perform her first concert. Lea was so over-the-moon that she cried later on. Ouma came on the Wednesday evening to watch the concert for the grandparents on the Thursday morning and went back on the Thursday afternoon!! First class Ouma!!!

On the Thursday morning, after some crisis at my work, I could eventually come and stay at the morning concert ( I wasn’t supposed to stay – only help with the dressing up but the joy of seeing the concert twice was too big!).

After a sad good bye in the late afternoon to Ouma, it was time to get ready and get dressed and put the make up on and do the hair do… Such excitement! It reminded of my own theater plays when I was 13 or so. The adrenalin pumping, the unbearable excitement, the fear and joy to perform something you rehearsed endlessly, the nervousness of forgetting something, the sense of being unique as you do your song/line/dance, the feeling of doing something so different… and the warm nostalgic feeling in the aftermath of the show, this deep sense of belonging and intense friendship with the people who shared the show with you. I felt all this as we were preparing with Lea. I could feel these emotions at a different level, just for her, just with her.

As we arrived at school, all the children were dressed, sitting in the classroom, hiding their eagerness and anticipation, pretending not to be tensed or worried. And 6 o’clock came and the show started!!

Well done to both Viv and Josette. They’ve done a fantastic job, training all these 5 and 6 years old to give us a concert of joy, watching our little ones growing in self-confidence and feeling able to sing in front of an audience, saying their lines without hesitating, doing music without flinching. WELL DONE!!!

The prep at home,

The empty stage,


The backstage,

IMG_4045.JPG IMG_4058.jpg IMG_4055.jpg


The audience in waiting,


The moment just before, when you feel that your stomach is being dragged behind you,


and the show…



There are so many people in the evening that you can’t really get up and take pictures. So I only stayed up until Lea’s song and sat down. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of sweet Sam doing his solo. He sang so beautifully as well. “I’m a camel” was the name of his song. He was very brave too 🙂

[For the family, there is a dvd in the making, not by me, and it will be purchased and shown on demand 🙂 ]

After the show, we had a big picnic all together where the kids played much more than they ate. It was lovely to be all together and finish a exciting day.


These two pics go together 😉



This is Mrs G, as the children call her, with Sam.

And to finish off, a pic that I like…


Pfew, one picnic down, one more to go 🙂


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