Les petits rats de l’Opera

2 Dec

Today was the last day of ballet.

It was Lea’s first year of ballet, as well as her two friends, Kiera and Katie. Lea really adored going to ballet each week, a bit less in winter when it’s FREEZING cold in that hall and the mere thought og removing your warm jacket is a killer, but as the days get warmer, so does the enthusiasm…

Sadly it seems that Kiera and Katie won’t be carrying on next year but amazingly Lea is very keen to carry on, on her own. For me, it shows how much she has grown this year in confidence in her self.

Last week she went to watch a little friend of hers doing her end of year concert at her ballet dancing, or so we thought. In my mind, I thought that maybe she’ll enjoy going to ballet with this little friend and since it is much closer to home, the better for me. But it turned out that the ballet dancing was in fact modern dancing. Well… as much as I like modern dancing – after all, this was my choice of sport for 10 years – the flashing red ankle-long leotard is much less attractive to the eye than the little tutu with the pink ballet shoes and the pink alice band and the pink rounded bun on the head. I sighed a sigh of relief when Lea vividly announced that she really wants to carry on doing ballet with Mariah, her teacher.

I did manage to get the first and only picture (well I have three in fact!) of the three ballerinas in their last attempt together to defy les petits rats de l’Opera





One Response to “Les petits rats de l’Opera”

  1. Marraine December 10, 2009 at 12:25 pm #

    Trois beaux petits rats ….. Bisous

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