When Young Adults pray and worship…

9 Dec


Our last Young Adults meeting of the year was an evening of Praise and Worship. Thanks to Nicole’s organising gift, we could have it in the chapel, which is such a nice and intimate venue. A long drape on the table, many tealight candles, an unplugged guitar and a lot of people wanting to sing to the Lord and share His goodness over the year and voila!IMG_4334.jpg

We had enough food for a regiment, we sang beautiful songs accompanied with Steven’s voice and guitar and Chris’ sense of rhythm on the drum, and 4 people sharing what they learnt throughout the year, studying the book of Mark, Romans or Isaiah, or doing a Bible Overview.

How encouraging to see how faithful the Lord is, how He changes us, He changes our heart and gives us a desire to love and serve Him. How amazing that the Bible is the LIVING word of the Lord; it’s not just a book of good advice on how to live life, it’s not only a book showing us the example of a good man… no, no, no, it is THE book of salvation, the only book that can make us at peace with the true God, the book that will show us how to have our sins forgiven, the only book that will point us to Jesus. For some of us, this year, it strengthened our faith and knowledge that Jesus is real, for others it showed us that even in our sufferings here on earth, Jesus reveals Himself to be good and our only source of comfort. For others, it rebuked us and showed us that our life was not right in God’s eyes and convicted us of our sins. What a year! What a blessing to be part of God’s family!

This social was particularly emotional for us as Phil and I say good bye to this ministry with Young Adults. It’s been a few years and to serve there has been an immense privilege. We loved being involved with people of that age and tried to be of some guidance and support for some of them through studying the Bible. To know that Sean and Kirsty will lead the ministry from next year is wonderful as they are great christian. I personally have loved getting to know them over the past two years. YA is in good hands. They are a great example to follow at many levels, particular lately when tough times has come for them. Their commitment and strength in the Lord is remarkable. I know it is a lot of ‘superlative language ‘ for one post but I have great respect for them and I love them very much!!






We will keep Sean and Kirsty in our prayers, as well as the Young Adults.

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