Christmas is about…

26 Dec

Christmas is come and done. We make such a big fuss about it, about the food we’ll eat, about the gift we’ll buy… and not long before the celebration is upon us, it’s already finished. We had dinner with some acquaintances a couple of weeks ago and one of the ladies asked me what I was going to cook for Christmas – beginning of December, really?? I had no idea and quite frankly I had no idea until a couple of days before Thursday. Every year, after Christmas, we wonder with Phillip how we can do better next year. Not better as in better food and better presents, on the contrary, better in the way we can celebrate so that kids don’t get drowned into opening gifts and we don’t get overdosed with food. Christmas is definitely about Jesus, for us. There is no doubt about that in our mind and I think in our kids’ mind (although it would be stupid to believe that what they enjoy the most is the opening of the gifts). But it’s difficult sometimes to escape the incredible marketing of what the season is about. One of the slogan was even insinuating that Christmas is definitely happening at Checkers, how sad!!! 🙂

However, we had a lovely time this year. Christelle and Richard and their little one year old Cleone joined us, as well as Phil’s parents and brother. The van Blerk’s family! We had a lovely dinner and we opened the gifts and everyone enjoyed beautiful gifts. We finished quite early (Christelle and Richard had to go back to Strand with little cutie) but everyone was back the next day, first for church and then for lunch. Going to church on the Friday helps to be clearly reminded of why we celebrate Christmas.

No it’s not the season to celebrate ‘love’, or to celebrate family, also not the season to party wild… no, it is the time to look at Jesus. It is the time to look at the God of compassion who sent His own son into our world. But He didn’t send Jesus so that we can look up to Him and have a model of gentleness and patience but to look at him and see how much we need Him, to look at Him and understand that without Him we cannot have a relationship with God, to look at HIm and ask for forgiveness for living our lives as if He doesn’t exist. And in His grace, if we ask for forgiveness with a genuine heart, with no ‘but’ and no ‘if’, and if we ask Him to take control of our heart, He always answers yes.

And to celebrate Christmas is about that, and that only: JESUS

What did you think?

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