Towards The Karoo – Day 1

8 Jan


We’re leaving for the Karoo!!!! We are so excited!!! The afternoon, we managed to squeeze a nice lunch with some friends of ours, so that we too can say that we celebrated new year’s eve!!!! But now, the packing is not really done and we’re aiming to leave at 3 in the morning!! So far, its’ the most exciting part for the kids: we are going to wake them up in the middle of the night to leave!!!!

Of course, Matty woke up at midnight for some obscure reason and my stressed and anxious husband couldn’t go back to sleep. After walking around the house, he decided to shower and loudly exclaimed that I should get up because we’re leaving earlier than expected. Up at 1.30am, with the party next door still going, in the car by 2am and good bye Cape Town! We have an 8 hour drive to get to Ratelfontein, close to Richmond. We’re going to a game farm in the Karoo!!

Happy and excited yet tired-looking children at 2 in the morning. The excitement quickly wears off when you realise you’re going to sit for a loooong time!



Driving on new year’s eve, we were wondering about people driving drunk but the only (very) dodgy car that we saw, was on the M3 still in Cape Town, almost in our neighbourhood. But once we were out of the city, there were actually very few cars. It was pitch dark!! It is almost spooky to go up these mountains, and down and through them, it’s definitely a real reminder of how majestic God is!

We respected all the road signs,


…even those we couldn’t understand,


The kids woke up to this,


and they were happy,


but tired,


Then the magic sign,

The brown colour of the sign tells us that it’s going to be that kind of road, (loose children, half standing on a dirt road)


The welcome sign,


The first gate,


The second gate,


The tortoises,


And the farm!!!

Journey finished, thank you Lord for keeping us safe, may the holidays start 🙂


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