Ratelfontein – Day 2

11 Jan

Waking up in the early hours of the morning to a complete peaceful environment is bliss. One can hear the sound of the rustling wind in the leaves, the delicate sound of the birds chirping, and of course the noise of … well noisy children! The manager of the farm – who is a professional hunter, ooooooh – is coming at 8.30 to initiate us to shooting. Killian is jumping up and down at the thought of it already!

We first had breakfast in the traditional farm kitchen, so rustic and beautiful!


Then Eugene and his wife Celia arrived. In my mind I pictured a very traditional older afrikaans couple, but Eugene and Celia are young, expecting their first child, with warm and friendly personalities. Eugene is also quite good with kids and Killian and him got along very well.

We went for target shooting just up the road from the farm and we each had a turn at hitting different (non-living) targets. Rebecca and Alison impressed everyone and we dare not cross their paths since then 😉

Killian was also quite good considering that he hit the target every time without taking too much time looking into the sight.

Eugene, professional hunter,

Killian, wannabe professional hunter,


And the rest of us, having a good time and getting satisfaction at the great bang,






The rifle makes a noise, not too loud but loud enough for this,



and eventually this,


Those ear-muffs are quite amazing in that you can’t hear the shot but you can hear a whisper.

Comfort after the shots,


In the afternoon, God answered the many farmers’ prayers by sending us a great storm. There is nothing like sitting on the veranda – without being cold – and enjoying the splash of the rain on your toes. Summer rains (here at least) are incomparable: lightning, loud thunder, heavy thick drops, dry rivers coming to life within minutes and the delightful sound of rain falling on the corrugated iron roof.

That’s Phillip enjoying the splash of the rain on his toes 🙂



Running in the rain is as much fun for children as it is for adults. Proof:




This much water in a very short space of time. When it rains, it rains.



But by the next day, the ground is already almost back to dry… except on the road where it stays muddy. Then it’s trouble – but more on that on a different day!


One Response to “Ratelfontein – Day 2”

  1. Marraine January 12, 2010 at 10:13 am #

    Bravo !! quelles merveilleuses vacances avez vous passé. Je suis toujours en extase devant votre belle famille. Dieu vous garde toujours ainsi. Merci de m’en faire profiter, car j’apprécie et ne regrette pas d’avoir un ordi. Mille gros bisous à tous

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