Ratelfontein – Day 4

13 Jan

Today we decided to do nothing – and then we went and did just that! (Winnie The Pooh)

Well, almost. In the morning, Phil and I and the kids went for a walk up the surrounding mountain. Amazingly, we didn’t meet any snakes, not even one!

We walked as high as the low mountains of the Karoo allowed us to go!


The kids felt very proud that they climbed this mountain all by themselves!

Little Matt’s backside,


Boys being boys (throwing stones),


Girls being girls (cuddling and chatting)


Which way down?


The sliding way,


The I-carry-you way,


and the I-lead-you way,


Back at the ranch – I mean the farm – we went back to doing nothing.

It was very hot and sunny and relaxing on a lounger on the front lawn – and moving it according to where the shade was moving – is all we did for the rest of that day.

A little bit of arm wrestling,

…in spite of the appearances, Rebecca is the champion!

Some dead bat watching. These little creatures are so cute. They were flying just above our heads in the evening and in the morning we sometimes found some dead bodies.

And some half asleep children on some half asleep parents (don’t be fooled by the appearance of reading!)

Day 4 was a really lazy day!!


One Response to “Ratelfontein – Day 4”

  1. Marraine January 16, 2010 at 1:20 pm #

    Quelles vacances épuisantes avez vous fait.Fatigantes certes mais combien joyeuses. Il me semble que j’y étais.. et je tirais la langue évidemment ! Il va y avoir en France une télé réalité intitulée “les célébrités à la ferme” et ça se passera en Afrique. Renseignes toi si c’est au même endroit afin que je regarde. As tu des nouvelles de ta Maman. Je lui ai écris alors qu’elle me le demandait par téléph. et pas de réponse. J’attends

    Mille gros bisous

    Ta petite Marraine

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