Ratelfontein – Day 5 (Part2)

25 Jan

Well, day 5 was a long day! After we all recovered from our emotions, we went for another drive in the afternoon with Eugene as our driver. We saw some roads that only had the names of it, because they were not made to be driven on it. On those roads, you had to really hang onto anything that is grab-able if you didn’t want to fall off the wagon!

Lea managed to spot a leguan ( not sure of the spelling but I’m talking about that BIG lizard). We stopped the car and came closer to take pictures. As we did so, its neck started to swell; it’s a tactic to try and scare us. Me, in the middle of the Karoo, with my little flip-flops, scared that a snake would come and tickle my toes, I wasn’t too reassured. I tried to get closer but as I did so, the reptile started to hit its tail vehemently, again in an attempt to scare us. Well, it worked with me so I handed my camera to Ali, who, fearless, went closer and closer.


We saw some more magnificent creatures,


Killian opened the gates for us, taking his job very seriously,


And we drove towards awesome sunsets in the horizon,


And that was day 5!!! Pfew!!


One Response to “Ratelfontein – Day 5 (Part2)”

  1. Coppa January 27, 2010 at 12:31 am #

    c’était un iguane , ta grosse bête qui t’a fait peur.?Ici, il y en a et j’en ai vu un de très près sur la plage.c’est impressionnant mais c’est inoffensif m’at-on dit car ce sont des animaux herbivores.

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