First day at schools…

25 Jan

January 13th: First day of school. Three children, three schools!!!! Not for the weak hearted, I mean that in both senses, emotional and physical!

Lea started grade 1 (l’équivalent du CP). In South Africa, they wear uniform and shoes (a foreign concept to my kids). Lea is quite please with her pink dress, she feels a bit weird with those massive shoes, looking like two houseboats. But the shoes aren’t really a problem, the anxiety is. The fear of the unknown is gripping all of us. Sympathetically the boys are also more calm and reserved. After all, they’re also going to their first day of school!!

7.45, Sweet Valley, here we come. A hoard of anxious children, accompanied by protective parents stream into each class. What chaos, some parents are trying to take pictures ( I was very reserved, mind you, and only brought my small camera!!), some are trying to comfort their offspring, others have definitely been there, done that and are nearly out the door, all are trying to make sure that the teacher understand how special, precious and different our child is. But the bell goes and it is the dreaded moment, the one when I entrust my child, my precious little girl to the care of someone else. Will the teacher help her, comfort her, guide her, nurture her, educate her? She will do the best that she can, with 4 hours a day that she spends with them. The rest is mine, all mine, I claim it and own it!!

You can see the forced smiles!


After her first day, a bit more relaxed 🙂


8.15, Noah’s Ark, here we come. Killian is also starting today his ‘big’ school, like he calls it. Grade R (l’équivalent de la grande section maternelle). he had met his teacher in December already, for a welcome day. As we arrived, even though he couldn’t remember his teacher’s name, he was at home. My confident little boy, the one that will take over the world, (for good or for bad, we don’t know yet) heads straight for the toys, starts playing and waves Phil and I off. Tata mama, tata papa. And that was it!

What? I must take a picture? Pictures are for sissies!! Anyway, I forced him!


Noah’s Ark is the sweetest little school. Only 17 kids in the classroom, an amazing vibrant and so friendly teacher, Chantelle, and tons of stuff to do. Killian – with the help of his magic pill, is in 7th heaven!

9.15, Constantiaberg, here we come!! My sweet little Matty is also starting his little section of pre-primary. As independant as Matt is, he didn’t want to go when we drop him. He cried his eyes out and Sue, the most motherly teacher took him and soothed him. When I came back to fetch him, he was having this trilingual conversation with her – Sue with eyes as big as apples, trying to sift through what language is what word – and Matt wanting to play some more of that game, patiently repeating many times the same sentence until Sue, helped with my interpreting gift, seemingly understood.

Matt had a stunning day and hasn’t cried once since then. I’m ashamed to say that I have no picture for him. I know, I know, the 3rd child syndrome…


2 Responses to “First day at schools…”

  1. Phillip February 22, 2010 at 2:25 pm #

    I missed this post. So sweet. What nice memories…

  2. Sal February 12, 2010 at 8:50 am #

    All so grown up now! What a lovely post Inks, very special. Miss you guys

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