22 Feb

After more than 2 years of planning, we’re finally renovating our kitchen. In the past, we went as far as getting quotes, and accepting them. But every time, we thought it best to cancel the job. This year, we actually got the quote, accepted the quote AND started the job. How very very exciting!!

If you know the lay-out of my house, it will be helpful to know that we’re now doing the kitchen in the play room, and the play room / tv room will now be in the place of our current kitchen. One of the wonderful – wonderful – benefits of swapping rooms is that I can keep my kitchen for the WHOLE duration of the work, not that it was a deciding factor. So for now, we’ve lost the use of the play room. We had to empty that room completely, toys, computers, couch, everything. We also lost the use of the scullery, which is where the fridge, freezer and washing machine were.

We had to do a lot of shift and rearrangement to enable the start of the renovations. It’s amazing how much more stuff and pieces of furniture one can put into rooms that one thought were already too full. Our bedroom has now the large brown couch. It is actually so so nice to have a couch in the bedroom!! And my already-small-kitchen has an extra fridge and freezer, quite in the middle of the room!! I lost the use of my dishwasher – aaaaaaah, flashback to 7 years ago!!!! Well it’s not too bad in fact.

So here are the pics from the beginning!

Week 1

Here is the scullery,

Where the plastic is was the opening towards the current kitchen. They made an opening on the other side towards the kitchen-to-be.

Here is the kitchen-to-be.


Week 2

The fire place is now gone and we opened with big double doors, leading unto my ravaged veggie garden!! There is already so much more light coming in!! So so exciting!!


Week 2 and week 3

The much dreaded and unending job of breaking the wall that currently separates the kitchen-to-be to the dining room area has started. We were dreading the dust that would be involved, and rightly so!! Oh what a mess!! We had to empty two more rooms (dining room and lounge area) to contain the dust to empty spaces. The rest of the house looks so weird and untidy with everything piled up. My poor husband’s stress levels are slightly high, but he keeps strong; until our tap in our bathroom started to leak, that was, literally the last drop!!! 😉

Killian and Matt’s beds are inhabitable – although Matt managed to make it a bed for a short nap the other day,


But the wall is now gone!!!!

Little bit,

…by little bit


and plastered with Phillip’s supervision 🙂


As I’m writing this, we are now entering week 4. The worst is behind us, I think – I hope! …although I’m suffering from allergies – badly – and I’m not even an allergy-sufferer!! Well, clearly I am allergic to dust. Lea is also of course completely stuffy, Matt has that dry cough that sounds like someone is choking him softly, and Killian has that lovely coarse voice – but that could also come from all the shouting!

Voila, that’s it for now. Hope the people overseas (that’s you Kerry) and the family (c’est toi maman!) will be happy to see the progress!!!


2 Responses to “Kitchen-to-be”

  1. craigandkerry March 1, 2010 at 3:49 pm #

    So so so so so so so so so so COOL! Craig and I have just been pouring over the photos ( thank you for taking them!) and making sure we have our bearings worked out. Oh I sooooooooooooo badly wish we could be there to enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sooooooooo sad!!! 😦 And I feel so sorry for all of you with the dust. So flipping awful! My stress levels would be through the roof! Miss you.

  2. debbie hutton February 22, 2010 at 7:41 pm #

    WOW! It’s going to be amazing when it’s done – so much space. A new/functional kitchen makes such a difference. Enjoy, can’t wait for book club to be at your house!! No actually that’s too long, aren’t you in December or something? You’ll have to have a kitchen warming party before then!!

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