Umbrellas and trampolines: how to differentiate

8 Mar

Monday evening, the hottest day of the year, no doubt. Hubby is not home yet. I’m all ready to do some blogging. The Nutella pot is next to me, so is the ice-cold water bottle and I’m ready to upload the latest pictures of the kitchen renovation…except that I don’t have any. So it doesn’t start very well. I thought I would upload some pics from the camp out that Lea and Phil had on the week end, but my camera is out of battery, so no can do!!

Maybe it is not an evening for blogging. Maybe it’s an evening for jumping in the pool and try to cool down. But it’s a bit dark out there, on my own. It could be quite nice with Phillip here, but all on my own, in the dark, it’s a bit strange, limit grotesque!

So let me write this post about my son, Killian. As scary as it is, I will, I think, enjoy reading about it in many years time.


Killian has always been a physical little boy, to which one could add the agility of Spiderman and a fear factor below zero. You combine all these together, shake it well and you are left with a 5 year old little boy, standing on the roof of the jungle gym, clearly thinking through his action and deciding to jump (not trip, not fall), jump onto the umbrella next to the pool. The width distance being a good 2 meters, the height level being a good 4 meters. It would have ended quite well, were it not for the aged and weak state of our umbrella that went CRAAAAASH as Killian spider-landed on it. Oh the shock of the fall and the feeling of being completely winded and the look of disappointment and hurt on his face! My face only showed incomprehension at what just happened! My friend Sue and I were sitting underneath that umbrella when it suddenly opened!!

Here is our jungle gym, with the umbrella next to it,


That is what is left of my umbrella,


Thank for the Lord for his timing, always perfect, in good or bad situations. Sue was here with her kids. Lea had a friend over and so did Killian. A pool full of children that suddenly went still and quiet! Sue urged me to leave everything and everyone with her and sent me to the emergency room, with a Killian still recovering from his initial shock, with a bleeding head.

Two hours later, back from the hospital, Killian had NOTHING. Nothing, not a broken bone, no stitches, not a scratch (being bare chest with only his board shorts!) In fact, with the days behind, not even a bruise!!

This is the little plaster he got,


How he does it, I don’t know!! The boy landed on his back! I know, I was the one saying “get up and walk!!!” ( a bit à la Jesus “take your mat and walk” but in a less miraculous way), fearing that he broke his back. Dare I say he wasn’t hurt enough to teach him a lesson. A broken leg or arm would have been really helpful to demonstrate in a real way action => consequence.

The explanation coming from this kamikaze boy came out later on. He actually had planned to jump from the jungle gym onto the umbrella and bounce back into the pool. Well, yeah, it makes sense, sort of. But umbrellas are not trampolines.

I guess that’s the lesson we take with us then. Trampolines bounce back. Umbrellas don’t.


2 Responses to “Umbrellas and trampolines: how to differentiate”

  1. Ingrid March 31, 2010 at 4:22 pm #

    Hey nice to hear from you 🙂 I knew this story would be just for you!!! I missed sharing it with you face to face though!! You would have had a good laugh with me for sure!!
    Hugs from here 🙂

  2. craigandkerry March 31, 2010 at 2:41 pm #

    I burst out laughing is a incredulous hysterical way! My hand is covering my mouth. ONLY ONLY ONLY Killian! But I have to say it… Good thinking on his part. It would have been very fun to bounce off the umbrella into the pool. But no seriously…. I’m shaking my head with open mouthed incredulity. Killian , my dear boy, there are no words.

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