A potjie for Quarter Lifers

30 Mar

Two posts, two potjies 🙂

Wednesday we finished off our first term of Quarter Lifers around a Potjiekos! If you still don’t know what a Potjie is, read the previous post!

Etienne arrived super early to prepare meat, veggies, pots (did I mention he has quite a few?) and Chris arrived quite early to lend him a hand. As for the rest, they arrived just in time to enjoy company and food!

See, that’s us, in the new kitchen – yes I know I must post pics to show off the new kitchen…

And that’s the meat,


And that’s the (big) pots,


And that’s the small pot.


Etienne had made plans to make a delicious chocolate potjie – can you imagine – but we already had too many desserts, if there can be such a thing!

Here is only one of them,


Even with the focus at the wrong place, it looks pretty mouth-watering!! Courtesy of Kirstin H. 🙂

And that’s the reason why Killian loooooves Etienne!


And so the evening came and went, we had great chats, funny chats, serious chats… nothing earth shattering. Just a good time to end up the term.

I only have a few pics of the evening,






…and that’s it 🙂

Not much, I always mess up the group pics. Those I have are not blog-worthy 😦

One Response to “A potjie for Quarter Lifers”

  1. craigandkerry March 31, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

    looooooooooooooooove the kitchen! How seriously social it is. Curse you for not doing it sooner. Miss all those wonderful people. Thought a lot about you guys so much in IKEA (this warehouse furniture shop that unlocks the door of unimaginable greed and covetousness). you guys would go ballistic! We’d have to remove your credit cards 🙂

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