What is so good about Good Friday?

3 Apr

This week end we’re celebrating Easter. To some people it means nothing. To others, it means something. To other still, it means everything. I belong to the latter.

To me, Easter doesn’t mean Easter egg hunt. It doesn’t mean sleeping late. It doesn’t even mean family time. To me, and million of others, it means that we’re celebrating the death of Jesus. This day is called Good Friday. Why celebrate the death of someone would you say? And why call it Good Friday? Is there anything good about being crucified?

Not really, if it was simply a wise man who thought he could conquer the roman empire of the time but ended up dead on a cross!

But if it is the Son of God, who submitted himself to the will of his father, opening the only way for us to be reconciled to God, the only way to have my sins forgiven, freely, the only way to be part of God’s family, then it is worth celebrating.

Yes, it is free and it is for everyone. No one can buy it, but it didn’t come at no cost.

For Him, Jesus, it cost Him tremendous physical suffering on the cross and even bigger spiritual suffering from being separated from His Father; it cost Him the pain of suffering His Father’s wrath, falling on Him, not on us, the innocent one for the guilty ones.

For me, it cost me the most humble experience of realising that I am not the centre of this world (I know!), that my desires are not necessarily good, that my motives are selfish and that my love is self-seeking. It cost me the understanding that I’m sinful and in need of forgiveness. It cost me a new life, a new heart, a new hope…. wait, this isn’t a cost, this is a gift. And as Easter comes, I am reminded of this amazing truth, of this real love that Jesus has for us.

10 years ago, I sat in that church listening to a preacher that I didn’t know and heard the message of salvation and I received it. I had no idea where this truth would take me. I had no idea of how much my life would change.

10 years later, I’m still amazed at God’s grace in my life and I’m overwhelmed with thankfulness.

That is what is so good about Good Friday!


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