Becoming Mrs Craye…

18 Apr

This had to be the most beautiful wedding.

Not because it was the most expensive! It was a morning wedding.

Not because it was the most advertised one on Facebook with daily love messages! Some people barely knew she was engaged.

Not because it was the wedding awaited for years and years! They met last year on a mission to Namibia, got engaged and got married

Lisa and Johan tied the knot on this beautiful autumnal morning at the N.G. Kerk in Wynberg, a beautiful little church on top of a hill. If there was a price for the ‘most smiley’ bride, Lisa would have won it. Lisa is always smiling – that is true, but on Saturday 10 April, she was beaming. She has been waiting for 30 odd years, for the right guy that God would send her way. She has remained pure, she has remained faithful and if getting married was something we deserved, Lisa would have deserved it.

The wedding was filled with emotions as the loss of her parents was recalled. To see all 4 siblings looking after each other, loving each other so much and protecting their younger sister (Lisa) was a beautiful picture, even if tainted with sadness. I do not know Johan much – in fact almost not at all – but I trust Lisa’s judgment on him and he seems like a great man who will love and cherish her just as Christ loved the church (Much less perfectly of course being sinful and all!).

I am so overjoyed and thrilled for my sweet Lisa.And I wish both of them a very blessed marriage.

The groom anticipating his bride,


The beautiful little flower girl,


Lisa led to the altar by her brother,


Leaving as Mr and Mrs Craye!!


Another flower girl, called Happiness 🙂


The married couple leaving in the Land Rover!


This is such a Lisa-expression!!


One Response to “Becoming Mrs Craye…”

  1. Coppa April 21, 2010 at 3:07 pm #

    congratulations aux nouveaux époux.Beau mariage.
    Il me semble l’avoir vu chez toi.Est-ce au réveillon du nouvel an ?

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