Fashion Frugalista

18 Apr


On Thursday I got 4 new dresses, one new tee-shirt, one new top and amazing black heeled shoes. For nothing!

And where did I find all these new clothes? At my house! No, not at the bottom of my cupboard!

On Thursday I attended a clothes swapping party. Eleven of us, girlfriends, got together and instead of eating muffins and exchanging books, like we do once a month, we drank wine and exchanged clothes!!!

The brain behind the idea is Renette, who’s been trying to organise it since end of last year but we were all too busy. It worked out well because summer comes to an end and winter is showing its face and what a better time to empty your old cupboard and renew some of your garments!!

Renette came in the afternoon and we set up the place so nicely. It looked like a french boutique, ah!! The open plan of my house, the creativity of Renette and un-certain-je-ne-sais-quoi made the place very ouh-la-la!! A mirror here, some fairy lights there, strategically well-placed flowers, beautiful envelopes with a number from 1 to 11 and special shopping bags with the label Fashion Frugalista… and voila!

The setting up in the afternoon,



Kaira browsing 🙂


We were ready to welcome our guests!

When everyone was here, the first 3 guests started to browse and try a few items. Then the second team could go and so on. Even if we all started a bit shyly and sheepishly, soon it was the same buzz as the first day of sales at Woolworths. “Try this, it’s totally you”, or “oh dear, no, that’s not you at all”, and “mmh, maybe with a tee shirt underneath”, and “eish, maybe not with a black bra”…

Opening their magic numbers to determine who would go first,


Kirsty satisfied with her sparkling shoes!


Me trying my new super heeled shoes!


Aaaah, there was much discussion around a gel-bra!! No comment!


Good laughs around the table about the evening,


By the end of the evening, not much was left, apart from empty corners, half-empty wine bottles and completely shopped-out women!!


But what am I left with? Much more than a few new items of clothing.

I’m left with a great evening with friends. It’s amazing how quickly intimacy is built when you’re half naked in a room with other half-naked women – and trust me, there is nothing sexual in that statement!!

I’m left with the satisfaction that someone else can enjoy clothes that don’t fit me anymore.

And I’m left with the desire to have another one at the dawn of the next new season!!!

PS: For a different perspective on the evening, you can go on Renette’s blog or Taryn’s blog 🙂

3 Responses to “Fashion Frugalista”

  1. Coppa April 21, 2010 at 3:15 pm #

    magnifique idée.Dommage que je n’étais pas avec vs!
    Je vais essayer de lancer l’idée à Fréjus.Et quelle bonne partie de rigolade!!!

  2. renettepickering April 18, 2010 at 8:24 pm #

    Hi Ingrid! Loved your description of the evening, and you really took beautiful pics. I especially loved the pic with Kaira browsing, and also the one where we’re all sitting around the table at the end of the evening! Thank you!! I must remember to take more pics next time.

  3. taryn April 18, 2010 at 7:09 pm #

    wow – you’ve pre-empted my blog post about it! I’ve not got there yet! 🙂 I may just link to you guys since you’ve got the pics and all! I’d love to get a copy of the pics tho – wanna pop by some morning for a quick upload? 😉

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