When mini-walks are just too long…

2 May

Last week end was one of those week-ends. You know those where you wish that the week end is nearly over so that you can rest!! Busy, busy, too busy!!

On Friday afternoon was the Mini-walk at Matty’s school. Iy started with my duty-to-help setting up while I left the kids at home to watch a video – and have some quiet time. At 4, time to go to the school. Matt has to be dressed in red, and so do the other ones too because it’s just so much more fun to all be part of it. The penguins – that would be Matt’s class – and the rest of the school had all prepared their war cry. In the Penguins case, it was the songs “I’m a penguin, I’m a penguin, and I like to dive…” and “Peter Peter Penguin marching by. Toes pointed out and head held up high…”. Not too war-oriented!

Here is the **happy** boy. (He doesn’t look happy but he was happy. I think he’s not one for the big crowd and excitement!)


Then off to the road – quite a long walk for little feet but he walked, and walked and sang 🙂


On the Saturday, we were off to the Sweet Valley Walkathon. I was thinking, if the mini-walk was pushing our limit, then what would the Walkathon bring?? But I wanted to walk with Lea and in the end, we were all in our walking shoes. The Grade 1s had to be dressed as a pirates, and thank goodness, the boys didn’t feel the pressure to dress up too. So we had one pirate girl and two very curious little brothers. The whistle went and the music started and off we went, on the road again. Soon Matty was going nowhere slowly and his mum – yes, that would be me!! – had to carry him on her back. Strangely enough, the walkathon was much shorter than the mini-walk! The effort was also helped by ‘coke’ (coca cola for the french), a drink that is a big NO-NO for us. We try to avoid the squirrel-from-over-the-hedge effect!! I had a friendly chat with Lea’s teacher who was wondering why Killian and Matty were barefoot. After explaining that Killian really doesn’t like shoes – something to do with his ADHD, I wonder – and that hey, he might very well be in her class next year, we both had a (nervous) laugh!

Here is the pirate with the medal around the neck,


and with two good friends from her class, Daina and Meghan,


The best part was still to come. There was a big fete organised after the walk and the kids had many many rounds on them. Some of the rides didn’t look too safe, a bit rusty on the edges but most of them would not have killed anyone. They were very very slow!!

We have to be saluted for our perseverance. We queued – no jokes – 2 long hours to have a turn on the big wheel. Never ever again will I think that my kids can’t queue, no, they can. When they want, they can!!!


That was the week end of fund-raising events. Am I glad that it is finished!!!


3 Responses to “When mini-walks are just too long…”

  1. Marraine May 3, 2010 at 1:39 pm #

    Au fait les enfants ont ils trouvé le muguet ?

  2. Marraine May 3, 2010 at 1:36 pm #



  3. Marraine May 3, 2010 at 1:29 pm #

    En effet Matt n’a pas l’air très heureux,mais malgrè tout il l’est quand même !! croyons croyons … et notre douce
    Léana qui a l’air si gentille. Bizz

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