When France tried to play football…

28 Jun

The Soccer World Cup is here. In fact, it’s been here for 2 and a half weeks now!! It has been really something. There is an ad on TV at the moment that starts by saying “Every 4 years, the world comes together…” and even if it sounds a bit of a hyperbole, it feels very true.

At the waterfront, there are tourists from every nation, every colour flag is hung, every foreign language is heard and every day, one would hear the screams of exhilaration as well as disappointment. Phil and I had the privilege to have tickets for the first game here in Cape Town and France was playing Uruguay. There is nothing like a world event to make you feel so patriotic that you would wear and display any kind of blue, white and red (french colours). Armed with my french beret, french arm socks and my painted french flag on my face, without forgetting the banner greeting my mum, hoping for a few seconds of air-time, a group of friends and Phil and I took the train to town. That experience could have been even better if we hadn’t taken the wrong train – the one that goes via all the dodge neighborhoods before reaching town. However, more fear than hurt later, we reached the city bowl, and what a view!!! People were everywhere, walking calmly yet joyfully and excitedly to reach our beautiful stadium. Vuvuzelas were pumping, flags were floating, people were buying from jerseys to scarves, from hats to backpacks and an absolute solidarity with people that you don’t know seemed to reign!! Except for the Uruguay fan behind us who didn’t seem very happy to see Thierry Henry come onto the field – not that it made any difference really!

The entire night was complete bliss – except maybe for the match itself that was slightly boring (0 − 0)

Here is us!









France is out – no comment. South Africa is out… Every time we take an interest in a team, they lose…

We’re scared to support Bresil and/or Portugal. As we speak, Bresil is playing against Chile and Juan just just scoooooooored the first goal!!!! Youhooooouuuuu!!!!!!

Right, got to go!!! 🙂

Oooooops just saw the second goal!!! Go Bresil!!!

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