When Matty turns four…

28 Jun

Last year I was made aware that I hadn’t written about Matt’s birthday. This year, it’s already 10 days after his birthday and still… nothing!! I can’t see myself explaining to him, in 15 years time, when we are all gathered together for an afternoon of fun, browsing on THE blog, why there isn’t anything about him and his birthday, right?!!!!

So to rectify my error, and to make sure that he knows that I love him to bits, here is to Matt.

Last year, turning three (with a very excited sister in the background!!)



in between the months,

The Matty’s face

The gorgeous Matty,

and the I’m-in-touch-with-my-feminine-side Matty,

This year, turning four,



His face is still one of a puppy. If you squeeze it enough, he does look like a sharpei (these very wrinkly dogs!). He still likes his food, his videos and his books more than a jungle gym or a ball. Winnie the Pooh is still an old time favorite. His party would have been a Pooh party if it had not been the soccer world cup happening here, in our own country (woohoo for vuvuzelas) – hence the soccer party! He still loves to annoy Killian by pretending to compete against him for ANYthing (Who gets to the bathroom first, who has a bigger spoon, who has the most stickers, who gets to sit on my lap…).Lea is still his object of worship and he is still greeting me with a big ‘mamaaaaa’ as I fetch him from school (pfew!!!)

He still says ‘moi veux’ (me want), dof feine (darth vader from Star Wars), still loves pink (I’m starting to discourage this love of pink though!) and is still attached to his blankie which lives in the bottom of my fridge to stay cold (!!). Most importantly, we are still (only just) allowed to give him kisses BUT not on his lips!!

All in all, how much do we love him!!!! From here to the moon and back, which leaves him very puzzled 🙂

Joyeux anniversaire mon Matty Matt!!!


2 Responses to “When Matty turns four…”

  1. Marraine June 29, 2010 at 11:47 am #

    Très très belles les photos je les ai toutes mises dans l’album Ingrid. Vraiment Matty te ressemble,je croyais te voir petite ! A-t-il apprécié ma carte de Nounours ? Mille gros b isous à tous les 5

  2. renettepickering June 29, 2010 at 7:09 am #

    Such a sweet little boy! I think I must adopt this tradition of writing a post on my kids’ birthdays. It’s such a schlep at the time, but in 10 or 20 years’ time it will be such fun to look back. And I forget so quickly what they did every year! Matty has such a little-boy face – can’t imagine that he’s going to be a big man one day. 🙂

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