Build-A-Bear: the birth of Bella, Robin and Scaredy aka Chocolate

16 Jul

During these long holidays, we took the kids to the Build-A-Bear workshop. It is a shop where you make your own teddy bear from scratch. The kids get to choose the outside of the teddy. They can decide whether they want a sound inside the teddy, like a monkey sound, a laughing sound, a ‘I love you’ message. They can even record their own message. Matty chose a monkey sound – how appropriate. Lea wanted to put her own message but I drew the line just before. I didn’t feel like hearing ‘Hello mama’ 30 times a day, and neither did she! Only a recorded message from a grandma would make sense!

Once the kids decided on the sound, the first step was to go to the fluffy machine (that’s where all the fluff gets put inside). It’s a big meany machine filled with what looks like soft cotton balls. In fact, one feels like just jumping in it! Once the fluffing is done, they each get a little fabric heart that they will put inside their teddy. But before, they have to rub it all over their body, kiss it, make a wish for Teddy’s life ( I wish that teddy will make my bed for me) and make a promise to their bear (I promise I won’t leave you to spend the night outside on the wet grass). They also need to think of a name for their respective teddy: we have Scaredy (because he’s scared), Robin (for Robin Hood) and Bella (meaning beautiful)

The promise

After that, they have to air-shower and brush their bear to remove all the unnecessary fluff.

The air-shower
DSC08078.JPG DSC08080.JPG DSC08082.JPG

Then a crisis happened. Lea’s teddy bear needed an operation. Her back was opened and needed to be sowed back into shape. So off to the operation table! The ‘nurse’ told Lea to hold her bear’s hand and reassure the poor thing. I was amazed at how much into it Lea was, really caring for this bear as if it was for real!!

The concerned mum during the operation

Then it’s the most awaited stage – for the children. It’s also the cling-cling-cling (sound of money being spent!) stage for the parents: the dressing-up stage. They get to choose one outfit for their bear. These clothes cost more money than real shoes for my real children… but they are ssoooo cute! No surprise there: Lea chose a wedding dress, Killian chose a warrior outfit and Matty, being Matty, didn’t want anything because ‘his hair is his clothes’.

The dressing-up


Then, because these bears are real (yes they are, don’t you dare disagree!), they need a birth certiificate. To the computers for the Home Affairs stage!

The administrative birth

After the final solemn promise, right hand up, of looking after my bear, and always taking care of him – without forgetting the paying stage, we were eventually done! The kids were very happy and felt a great sense of responsibility. Although they look tired on this picture, be reassured, no, the Build-A-Bear workshop is not an exhausting time. tThe black rings under the eyes have more to do with the late(r) nights. Holiday mood!!!


A few weeks later, the kids still play very much with these teddies. Scaredy is not scaredy anymore (we don’t care what the birth certificate says!), he is now Chocolate because, says Matty, “He knows that I like chocolate!!!”. Bella has been put in many many many outfits, she has many friends, she’s had quite a few play dates and even went to a sow-your-own-shoes party!! Robin is a warrior that likes to play golf in between wars.

A teddy’s got to do what a teddy’s got to do!!!


7 Responses to “Build-A-Bear: the birth of Bella, Robin and Scaredy aka Chocolate”

  1. kerry July 17, 2010 at 1:47 pm #

    they are very cool indeed. My mom got one in the USA for Jesse before he was born and befreo we even knew he was a “he”. She recorded the message ” Hi Sweety, Granny and granpa love you.” It was very special to have that when they were far away.

  2. Marraine July 17, 2010 at 12:03 pm #

    En effet belles peluches. Léana est très sérieuse et responsable.Mat est toujours rigolo et Killian toujours aussi guerrier. Bisous à tous

  3. Taryn July 16, 2010 at 6:16 pm #

    oh wow! what fun! 🙂 and, oh yes, cling-cling-cling-kaCHING – three times over in one go must’ve cost you a BOMB! 🙂 Glad they’re enjoying their bears – esp since it means my kids inflict their build-a-bear-mania upon people other than me! 😉

    • Ingrid July 16, 2010 at 7:20 pm #

      Some of it was courtesy of the french people for Matt’s birthday 🙂 I must admit that I quite enjoy this fake/real person, especially for the boys. Somehow they feel quite responsible for them – well, Robin has spent many lonesome days but still… 🙂 Bella made it to ‘show and tell’ this morning to school with her fancy shoes 🙂

  4. thekooymans July 16, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    Ah Ingrid looks like they had a great time! I want a build a bear too!! 😉 I love Matty’s response about the clothes – very logical! Chat soon! Love Zoë

    • Ingrid July 16, 2010 at 7:15 pm #

      Hey Zoe!! Thanks for reading the post 🙂 The funny thing is that I bought a build-a-bear on special that day because it was so cute (and in the Bresil outfit), I think there IS a market for adults!!!

  5. Coppa July 16, 2010 at 3:38 pm #

    Super ces peluches .Je comprends l’engouementdes enfants pour celles-ci.
    j’espère qu’ils prendront toujours soin de ces peluches et qu’elles deviendront pour eux des sortes de confidents .

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