Pursue holiness, for without holiness no one will see the Lord.

30 Jul

My day started with the dishwasher broken, full, dirty and stinky (as they usually would be when they break down).

Someone with a terrible work ethic wants to meet with me to tell me that she was hurt that I questioned her attitude.

The guy (who supposedly is here to repair my dishwasher) doesn’t have the right equipment, runs out of sticky tape and finish by saying that he can’t fix it and has to see with the workshop…

This leaves me angry, frustrated and not looking forward to the rest of the day (never mind the rest of the week!). It’s Monday morning, 10am.

My eyes fell on the book: The Pursuit of holiness.

39328_1_ftc_dp.jpg It might come handy if the rest of my week looks like my monday morning.

The preface itself was more challenging than any ‘how to…. in 10 easy steps’ books out there.

This is how the author defines holiness: to be “morally blameless”, “to be separated from sin and therefore consecrated to God”.

Hebrews 12 mentions that we must ‘pursue holiness, for without holiness no one will see the Lord’.

In other words, God made it possible to walk in holiness but we must do the walking. Pursuing holiness suggests first that,

a/ there is an effort required and

b/ that it is a lifetime effort.

Although that sounds challenging enough (a lifetime effort?), if I claim to love God, I would have the desire to conform to God and not to the world. So why is it so hard? J. Bridges gives three main problematic areas.

This is what challenged me from his first point:

  1. When I try to fight sin in my life, I do it with a self-centered attitude as opposed to a God-centered attitude. I care more about ‘being victorious over sin’ than I care about the fact that I grieve God when I sin. For me, practically it means that I’m concerned to be a mum that doesn’t shout at her kids because it is good that I don’t shout at my kids for their sake (because I’m trying to be a godly example) but I often have little concern for the fact that I sin against God primarily. If I cared as much about the fact that I grieve God when I sin than about wanting to be ‘victorious’ over my sin, it would be a consistent step towards holiness.
  2. In the big picture, it’s more about God than it is about me.

Now, I can’t finish the book in one morning, so back to my Monday…


2 Responses to “Pursue holiness, for without holiness no one will see the Lord.”

  1. Ingrid July 30, 2010 at 5:48 pm #

    Pffff!!!! It is actually Di’s book and it IS in our bookclub 🙂
    This is actually a belated post. That morning happened weeks ago and I never finished the post until today. My blogging time is so so limited!! But I remember finding this book so extremely challenging!

  2. Taryn July 30, 2010 at 4:55 pm #

    are you putting it in bookclub? 😉 it’s such a good point that you and the book raise there in point #1 – it’s so easy to think that we’re doing our kids a disservice by sinning against them (which we are) and yet forget that we’re grieving God and that is the primary thing! Argh – guilty guilty guilty (me that is). Thx for this!

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