The sheriff is in town!

16 Aug

Grade R has been a great year for Killian. He is probably my child that most enjoyed school so far… yes, yes, we’ll wait until he goes to big school to shout victory! But so far, he’s never moaned about the prospect of going to school, quite the opposite. This term, they’re having ‘Dress up day’ every second friday, in connection with the theme that they’re working on. The first theme was “South African” – easy enough most of the boys came in their soccer or rugby outfit and ‘le tour est joue’… Another theme – Killian’s favourite – was ‘cowboys and indians’. What more can a 5 year old boy want than going to school dressed like a cowboy?? I didn’t need to tell him that morning ‘Killian, go get dressed’. Not once!!!

He was so keen on this dressing up that he wanted to make himself a sheriff star – and my boy is not into craft!

Look at that face!! Isn’t he taking his job a bit too seriously?


Lots of fun in the classroom!! I don’t know how the teachers managed to keep some kind of order there… but somehow they did 🙂

The next dress up day was ‘pyjama day’. Now THAT was a great theme for the parents too: no need to create anything original, no need to have the kids dressed up in the morning… In fact, some kids really came with the out-of-bed hairstyle!!!

Next is Australia!! We borrowed a book from the library and every time I think of Kerry 🙂 and Killian mentions Jesse!!


4 Responses to “The sheriff is in town!”

  1. thekooymans August 26, 2010 at 9:17 am #

    This post has brightened up my day Ingrid…I was totally taken in by every word and could picture Lea in every sense that you described her! You have such beautiful children and are so blessed 🙂 Thanks for sharing these special memories with us, I know that when Lea is a little older she will truly appreciate this blog! xx

  2. Marraine August 18, 2010 at 5:17 pm #

    en effet Killian a l’air d’un vrai sheriff. On dirait Philippe en miniature !!!

    Bises à tous

    N’oublies pas de regarder ton ordi. Il y a 2 cartes.

  3. kerry August 17, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

    And we think of you too and even more so with all the birthdays this week. Ben, Lea and Jesse. Jesse saw Matty’s cake and declared that even though up until now he’s wanted a “cars’ party, after seeing Matty’s party ne now wansta Soccer world cup party. So prepare to see your cake sort of reproduced! Thosee world flags were very good but I don’t think I can pull those off. But I did manage to find soccer ball candles in the normal grocery store. Very cool!

    • Ingrid August 23, 2010 at 2:15 pm #

      Hey by the way, how was Jesse’s birthday?? I didn’t see a blog post about it. Did I miss it?

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