Through their eyes…

10 Nov

A pirate life, lost in thought

A few weeks ago my little boy turned 6! According to popular belief, the first six years of someone’s life are all-defining. What he has been taught, what he has learnt, the pattern of behaviours that have been shown to him are now for the large part anchored into him. It’s a scary thought, sometimes depressing, sometimes encouraging, and often challenging… if I were to believe it fully.

I thought that instead of writing a heart-wrenching post about how I love my craziest, loudest, most stubborn, challenging and yet most sensitive boy, I would mention the things that stick in the mind of those who are close to him, mainly his siblings. They are the ones that have to put up with his tantrums, his screams and his out-of-the-ordinary demonstration of hate and love – all in one day.

Killian likes the word ‘captain’. If you are anyone remotely in charge of something, you are the ‘captain’. His teacher is the captain of his class. Derek is the captain of the scouts’ hall (because he closes the gate in the evening). When I bought a new lock for Phillip’s gym locker, Killian immediately understood that it was because Phillip was the captain of the gym. When explained that no, he actually wasn’t, he thought for a split second and realised his mistake: Phillip was only the captain of the lockers…

Killian likes gun. We don’t have toy guns (except for water guns) but it really doesn’t matter. Everything becomes a gun, from an L-shaped sandwich, to an L-shaped lego, without forgetting sticks, pens, forks… you name it!

Killian doesn’t like to be on stage. When asked why – is he shy, is he scared, doesn’t he like the attention??? – no, it’s because he gets splinters in his feet from the wood…

Killian is a finicky eater: he likes tomato sauce but won’t touch tomato. He will refuse chocolate, sweets and cookies but will lick his lips at the thought of broccolis.

Killian loves pirates. He is a pirate, in fact he is Captain Jack Sparrow. He made it easy for me by asking a pirate party for the second year in a row. I’m not convinced he won’t asked for a third one!!

Killian refers to “adults” as “humans”. Maybe he doesn’t see himself as a human just yet, that would explain the monkey-type behaviour!

Killian recently explained to me that when someone annoys him, the best thing he does is that he becomes friend with that person. How I wish he would put his theory into practice when it comes to his brother!!

Killian’s friend Jesse moved to Australia a few months ago. Because of the time gap they never see each other on Skype. The other day, they did. Jesse was so excited that he acted a bit crazily. At dinner time, Killian told his dad that Jesse was a bit cuckoo. (Ironic, isn’t it, Kerry, seeing where it’s coming from?)

Killian makes us scream and laugh out loud daily. But as a general consensus, we think he is pretty cool to have around. He is the defender of the weak (his mum and his sister being his favourite protégées) and the lover of justice – especially when justice has failed him. At the thought of Killian, I can but only let a smile escape.

We might have shaped who Killian is for the first 6 years of his life, but the Lord knew him even before he was born. He is the one that shapes him, moulds him, change him for his purpose. He is the real captain! We are only instruments in His hands.

That thought is reassuring. Happy birthday my very special little Captain pirate. Aaaarghh!!


6 Responses to “Through their eyes…”

  1. Coppa November 12, 2010 at 11:15 am #

    je l’aime de plus en plus ce petit .quand j’entends sa petite voix au tel me dire ” hello mamie ” je me sens tout retournée et tellement frustrée d’en être privée.Je l’appelle mon gros dur au coeur tendre.

  2. Kirsty November 12, 2010 at 11:04 am #

    What a lovely post, Inks! I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Marraine November 11, 2010 at 10:07 am #

    Bravo capitaine Killian ! Je suis morte de rire en lisant la prose de sa protégée(sa Maman).Il est très attachant ce petit diable !

    Gros gros bisous

  4. kerry November 11, 2010 at 4:18 am #

    Killian is a very special crazy boy. We love him to bits and miss him very much. Which is so clearly obvious from the cockoo Jesse antics! All your sweet kids are very near to our hearts. May they grow up being passionate about Jesus. Can’t wait for that heavenly party!

  5. Phillip November 10, 2010 at 10:54 am #

    Ah, Killian! I never thought a little person could be a mirror to my deepest emotions. We are so alike it’s scary. I can’t imagine life without him. Thanks for the sweet post. I can’t wait for him to read it one day.

  6. Taryn November 10, 2010 at 10:29 am #

    another wonderful birthday post to a very special boy. I had some out loud laughs here – splinters in his feet!!! 🙂 Too cute. We love your special little Captain pirate boy. And love how you love him too. 🙂

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