MariaVianello’s School of Ballet

5 Dec

Léa and Maria

Hair and make-up done, now waiting for the show!!

Maria Vianello School of Dance…This is where Léa has spent all her tuesday afternoons for the past 2 years. I can’t say that she always loved going – a few afternoons, I would have a stern “No” when I’d say “Let’s go!”, probably related to the fact that it’s a good 20 minute drive but every time she got there, she always loved seeing Maria.

My memories of ballet – I was a tiny little 4 year old –  was of an old ballerina, very tall and thin with a stick in her hand, hitting our ankles and feet if our toes were not pointy. I don’t know if the philosophy changed since then, or if it is just the way we, French, do it, but Maria doesn’t have a stick in her hand. She does look like a ballerina though. Her approach is very sweet and the way the kids learn about ballet are all stories related to fairies, fairy houses and key to these houses.

Last year, she didn’t do a end of year concert so this year was the first one. The theme of the show was soccer world cup and all the dances were somehow related to soccer or South Africa: fans, minstrels, venders, flag etc… I can’t say that it was my favourite. Maybe all those stick-hits on my ankles made me old-fashioned about ballet but I like my classical music, beautiful tutus, pointy toes and point shoes.This concert had more of a modern dancing feel, to the exception of a few dances (with the big girls) but the dancers, especially Léanna loved everything: from the costumes to the music.


The minstrels

The last night of the show, Léa was particularly excited as Nico and Nicole came to watch her, and a friend of hers from school, Dayna.

Dayna and Léa, special friends

It’s very special when friends want to come and watch 🙂 And completely unexpectedly, Kiera and Katie rocked up backstage. They had come to watch their cousin, unbeknown to both them and Léa that they would see each other!!

For that show, we also had a mini crisis. Running around like an overexcited ballerina only led to her shoe breaking. Oh dear!!! After a small panic attack, we found someone with an extra pair of ballet shoe, a bit tight on the big toe, but without hole at the bottom!! Pfew, crisis averted 🙂

It’s the end of a – short – era. We won’t carry on next year. Mostly because of the distance: 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back for a 45 minutes class is just too much. We are very sad to say goodbye to Maria 😦

Broken shoe, coincidence??

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