14 Jan

I have one, in my home. Her train is withered. She probably knows that she can’t, that she won’t fly again. Others before her have tried. There was another one, before her. I found her, folded, tucked in under her wings. I thought she was cold but she was not. She was frightened, blinded by the night.

I have one, in my home, on the dripping drain pipe. I found her on my roof, in her burning train. It was a morning, with a coffee smell wandering about. Everything was covered with frost. She was hidden and the moon was finishing her duty.

I have one, in my home. Sitting on my shelves, she is looking up, in the air, at the television, thinking that outside it is a war. She reads the children litterature in summer, she stays home in winter, at the window, counting the hours.

I have one in my home. When she nibbles at her breakfast, her grilled wings make a noise, almost like a raspberry kiss. I know she’s unsettled but I kiss her, look at her, cherish her and hold her between my fingers.

I have a fairy in my home who would like to fly, but can’t.



One Response to “Broken”

  1. Taryn January 14, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    Oh! This is so beautiful and yet so sad! And simply a brilliant piece of prose. Wow! I’m in awe. And I felt so sad knowing that a certain fairy lost her flying ability yesterday 😦 so sad!!! Will she keep writing tho? Ours are going to keep writing regardless and the recipient us quite ok / excited about that!! 🙂

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