Le coup de foudre

2 Feb

She sits there, in love, trying to remember how it all began. She engages her brain to retrieve her memory. Difficult when it all started on a coup de tête. She had felt challenged, as if It knew where her mind was. Like a coup monté. She felt like giving It a coup de poing, a coup de pied. But fighting what the eyes can’t see, desperately feel like a coup pour rien. She felt old, all of a sudden. A coup de vieux, or maybe just a coup de pompe. Alas, old habits die hard, old voices don’t leave you alone. Her heart was not ready to tenter le coup but everything happened too quickly. She imagined that she had a coup de main from someone, from somewhere. Or maybe it was her turn to have a coup de chance. She had expected to manquer le coup. Her mind slowed down, time held still.  She could see his back.  She felt a coup de coeurA tous les coups, it was treachery from her mind. She was sous le coup de his charm. Du coup, she had to know, she had to be sure. And there was only one way. She walked towards him and touched him. The room fell silent. No more challenges around her, no more voice in her head. He turned towards her. She blushed and turned red like a girl with a coup de soleil.

And there, it happened, … le coup de foudre.

Lexicon for the non-francophones:

Coup de tête:  an impulse

Coup monté: a frame-up

Coup de poing: a punch

Coup de pied: a kick

Coup pour rien: a waste of time

Coup de vieux: suddenly feeling old

Coup de pompe: sudden tiredness

Tenter le coup: to try out

Coup de main: a helping hand

Coup de chance: a stroke of luck

Manquer le coup: to fail

Coup de coeur: intense passion

A tous les coups: for sure

Sous le coup de: under (his charms)

Du coup: as a result

Coup de soleil: sunburnt

(and my favourite) Coup de foudre: …love at first sight bien sûr!!


2 Responses to “Le coup de foudre”

  1. Ingrid February 2, 2011 at 2:47 pm #

    La domination du monde, un mot a la fois 🙂

  2. renettepickering February 2, 2011 at 1:24 pm #

    AHA!!! I always thought you were a Superwoman, but now I’m onto you. Your quest for world domination is to surreptitiously teach us all French, isn’t it?

    Must admit that i didn’t look up all the terms; only the last one, because I had to know how it ends.

    I’m watching you. Always watching you.

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