The French have arrived!

28 Mar

I’ve missed so many of what I wanted to record that a ‘life of late’ post would be taking ‘random’ to the next level. So I will concentrate on the recent, put a pin on the old and hope that I will remember that pin.

My mum and Claude’s visit is what is fresh on my mind. It’s been three busy busy weeks and I can’t believe they have  been gone for already more than a week. Where have the cowboys gone, asks Paula Cole, but I’m asking where has the time gone!!

I had asked my mum to come especially at a busy time during the year, which would seem like a strange request from an outside look but I really wanted her to experience our life au quotidien. I wanted her to see the life of my kids at school, at gym, at karate, with their play dates, during their homework, and also on the weekends.

I think my mum particularly enjoyed sharing all those precious moments that she doesn’t get to experience, not even when we go to visit in France. She would probably say that her highlight was helping Léa with her homework, listening to her read. My highlight was my mum helping Léa read her english words (my mum doesn’t really speak English – désolé m’man, ton accent anglais est médicore!). Léa is very docile and so she easily plays along, to my mum’s joy. She is also very cuddly and gives hug to whomever asks nicely – my mum and I being the ones asking often 🙂

She even was introduced to Léa’s entire classroom, with the most polite choir of ‘ Good morning M’am’ and ‘Goodbye M’am’, being looked at like a strange creature from a faraway land,   attended the Speech and Drama class, accompanied Killian on a class outing, watched him do karate, and was generously offered one of Matty’s pottery – by unprompted Matty himself!

It’s been interesting to see Killian being very gentle with my mum and Claude. He’s growing up to be a respectful little boy, even though if sometimes it is under duress. He’s not docile, no, he isn’t, he’s rather the opposite of it (what would it be???…. obstinate, stubborn, unobliging…) BUT ( and I’m quickly writing the ‘but’ here before my mum rebukes me for being negative when I speak of Killian – which I’m not, by the way! I’m very realistic – but let me not have an ADD moment!) So back to BUT, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking at how patient and kind he has been with my mum and Claude. He has made so much effort to try and speak french, without getting frustrated, and answering all of his grandma’s questions, even if they were sometimes the same .

And Matty, well Matty…. Matty Matty Matty. Matty is my sneaky little boy. He quiiiickly understood that having his grandma and Claude here for three weeks was a source of endless pushes on the swing and an eternal source of chocolate. He loved playing with Claude. Claude’s missing finger was also a hit, for Matty and his friend. Jethro’s face when Matty showed him the missing finger is forever engrained in my bank memory of funniest facial expressions!

I think after these holidays, my mum and Claude will need some holidays to recover though. Life is fast paced with three grandchildren, 2 schools and many extra murals. My mum felt lost in my house (not that big but bigger than what we’re used to in France), and she was breathless with the many coming and going (we leave in 10 minutes to fetch Matty – we’re back in 15 but we need to leave in 5 to take Léa to her friend – will you please help Killian with his words – if you want to cook for tonight, that’s great but you need to start now – no you don’t have time for a coffee, Léa is waiting for us at school…)

But waking up with her grandchildren, eating with them, kissing them goodnight, coloring in with them, watching videos with them is worth many ‘quicklyyyyyyy!!’, many ‘ not noooowwwww!!’ and a few ‘ you’ll drink your coffee later!!’ 🙂


Maman et Claude

The first weekend, we went to the beach and had dinner @ Dunes, where my kids gatecrashed their first wedding 🙂

When we left, it was quite dark. That in itself was exciting enough for the kids!

Us threeWe look happy in spite of the booked table that never was booked and an overcrowded restaurant because half of it was reserved for a wedding!

4 Responses to “The French have arrived!”

  1. Marraine March 29, 2011 at 11:37 am #

    Moi je réclame ….. d’autres photos. Na !! je vous fais de gros bisous. Ta maman doit m’envoyer des petits films…. mais quand ? Je suis toujours en attente et doit te paraitre exigeante et impatiente, mais penses à l’éloignement de ta petite marraine. Bisous

    • Ingrid March 30, 2011 at 9:07 am #

      Ca vient, ca vient 🙂 je m’y mets, doucement ma petite marraine 🙂

  2. kerry March 29, 2011 at 7:50 am #

    You’re all still alive! You haven’t disappeared into a black hole! 🙂 So glad your mom and Calude got to see your normal life. That’s really great. Looks like it was really good.

    Can’t wait to see you all at the end of the year!!!

    • Ingrid March 30, 2011 at 9:09 am #

      Well my lady, everytime I think, oh I have a moment let me se if Kerry is on line, what do I see??? A big fat grey cross, soooo?????But we’re still all alive and well :0 Thinking of you often!! 🙂

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