On the 6th of March…

18 Apr

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One of the special moments we had during my mum’s visit (which was now more than a month ago!!! Hard to believe…) was her birthday. I can’t remember when last we were all together to celebrate it. I remember a few years ago baking a cake for her birthday and sending pictures of it with the kids around.

Ah ah! But this year we were all together to celebrate her 29th birthday 😉

The obligatory gift was a handbag. We, women, always ALWAYS need a new handbag. (Kerry, are you owning a handbag by now??) But not any handbag! My friend Kirstin designs beautiful bags with her unique style and label Button Mushroom (the site hasn’t been updated for a while and her new range of bags is even better). She’s always been there for me, never failed me like a true designer friend, and always provided me with handsome-looking original and unique gifts 🙂

My mum was very chaffed with hers 🙂 Another birthday, another opportunity!

A friend of my mum and Claude had told them about a wine farm in the Cape area. It turned out to be Morganhof . So my mum decided to treat everyone and go there for lunch on that special 6th of March!

Morganhof!! What a lovely place! A (triangular!) table was awaiting us, under the trees, outside, surrounded with the most beautiful landscape. Peacoks roaming free, fishpond in a distance… Excellent food and a free bottle of wine – apologising for the wait… My mum and Claude were astonished by this gesture – so were we! If you know me, you know how much I love free stuff and although I don’t drink wine, I was almost tempted to, just to make the most of the gift 🙂

The most treasured moment was probably when my mum’s three grandchildren (that would be my children) sang happy birthday to her. And if technology works with me, what follows should be the short video clip of THE song.

Amazing how all three of their personality shines through these 23 seconds: the People-Pleaser, the Contrary-Mary and the Clown!

That was a well-celebrated birthday, à la sud-africaine…


2 Responses to “On the 6th of March…”

  1. Marraine April 20, 2011 at 11:27 am #

    Merci petite chérie, j’ai pu mettre les photos dans l’album “Ingrid”. Super. Vous avez l’air tellement heureux tous, que je partage avec vous, donc je suis heureuse!! Mille gros bisous à tous


  2. kerry April 19, 2011 at 3:03 pm #

    Oh Goodness! so funny! Like you said their personalities really do shine through! Actually Matty really reminded me of Jesse there. Halarious! And to be honest Killian reminded me of Jonathan when we were growing up. When ever there was a family photograph, he pulled the grumpy face and refused to obilige. Not what you would think of him nowadays, but true back then.

    And actually yes. I do have a handbag.:) Shelly , one of the pastors wives made me a woollen one for Chrstmas. It was very thoughtful. But I may need to check out Kirsten’s collection at the end of the year. 🙂

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