Proudly Tidy!

29 Sep

The day he came back from school with a smile larger than his own cheeks 🙂

Proudly Tidy

This is a not an achievement award – actually, no, this IS an achievement award. But this is not a certificate that will open the doors of a big school. This is a piece of paper that brought immense sense of confidence in this little body. When I saw that his certificate was a “Tidiness Certificate”, I was puzzled. Killian is not the neatest boy you would find – quite the opposite. Why wash your hands before you eat, even when you played in the sandpit? Why wipe your mouth, even if you have a mix of chocolate and oats all the way to your eyebrows?  Should your pants be tucked into your underpants and your shirt be buttoned ‘monday’ with ‘tuesday’?

“Waste of time!” he cries out. So many things to build, pull, throw, catch… and just not enough time.

But, according to his teacher, he has worked really hard at not only keeping his desk tidy (meaning not hiding everything under his writing plank – the best hideout ever!) but also at everything related to ‘neat’: his handwriting, his spacing between words, his cutting and pasting… all these mundane tasks that are too demanding.

So with a big heart and a huge smile, he proudly displayed his hard work harvest.

Now to put these newly acquired skills into practice at home: tidying the room, making the bed, looking like a civilized child… Oh what the heck, I’m proud of my little Gavroche!!

One Response to “Proudly Tidy!”

  1. craigandkerry October 1, 2011 at 4:15 am #

    Well done Killies! So glad your hard work has paid off! Can’t wait to see how tidy you’ve become.

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