H is for holidays…

16 Feb

2 november was my last post. I’m so glad wordpress kept it for me…

So what happened since 2011? A bit of this, a bit of that. Some teeth falling, some end of year concert, some holidays, some life-changing decisions and some insignificant ones.

Instead of boring the readers with my insightful thoughts about life, I thought I would rather share our really relaxed Knysna holidays. Not meaningful enough? It was for us!

First family holidays – as in just the 5 of us – for a long time. First week in Knysna, then in the Knysna forest and surroundings.

For our first week, we were with some friends. These precious friends had other precious friends who lent them their amazing house on Thessen Island. WOW!!! Secured island with beautiful houses and private beach. Not too shabby! As we arrived at the house, the kids ran inside and upstairs. Opening the door onto a large balcony, Lea exclaimed ‘Wow, what a nice balcony!’, followed by Killian saying ‘Wow, luckyyyyyyyy, a balconyyyyyy……(split moment of silence)…..what is a balcony actually?’.

Our second week was in Rheenendal, just outside Knysna in a self-catering accommodation called Homtini.

Knysna is incredibly rich in history. It reminded a little bit about the kind of holidays I had when I was younger. We would toured the Loire area and visit all the castles from the Middle Ages.Here, we managed to visit the old mines, almost managed to visit the old village (were it not for our car getting stuck and Phillip nearly ruining it driving into a ditch…), went to the museum and learned quite a bit about the Knysna forest. There is a sort of mystery around the elephants that I came back wanting to read Circles in the Forest.

We went for short hikes with the kids and as long as the path was interesting enough, they did not moan. We walked for 4 kms to a waterfall in the most exquisite environment. Thankfully  apart from running into spider webs and feeling like a fly about to be cocooned and kept for dinner, we didn’t encounter snakes, nor other tropical creatures!

All in all, such relaxing holidays, well needed for the family before we attack the busy year with all its challenges.

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2 Responses to “H is for holidays…”

  1. Laure February 20, 2012 at 6:30 pm #

    Love it!! Just a bit (lots) upset that Jack and I weren’t with you… I mean we’re like family now, right?? 🙂 Just also wanna say…. And I will never be able to say it enough…: THANK YOU. MERCI.

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