18 Dec

Remember when I wrote that we didn’t have any traditions for Christmas? Well, it is not completely and utterly true. Like facebooking, blogging can also be deceitful! So even though I said that traditions become irrelevant in the light of Christmas being about Jesus, I happen to have a few traditions of my own.

I do. – Insert **shock and horror** face!

They are a bit different from the more common traditions that we hear about and they are mostly out of my control.

#1. My first tradition is my kids asking “so….. what is our christmas tree going to be this year?” with a vaguely interested tone of voice!

0I will be blunt and say that the traditional christmas tree just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t think they’re ugly but I don’t want them in my living room for one month. I’m not a fan of ‘fake’ anything (flowers, marble, gold…) and the ‘real’ ones look a bit miserable in the 32 degrees. But I looooove fairly lights. I think fairy lights should be up all year round. So every year, I need to find an alternative  that will allow me to enjoy a season of  their ambience setting.

This year, I saw a beautiful tree made of plank with writings on it and thought “Rats, if I were not so lazy I would totally make that!” and low and behold, my friend, without  knowing that I liked that idea, made it, painted it and gave it to me as a christmas present! So our tree – for 2012 – is made of white-painted planks with Mark 10:45 written on it (my very professional picture does not allow you to read the verse but it is painted in beautiful red handwriting “He came to give his life as a ransom for many”)

#2. My second tradition is a bi-annual December trip to the ER for Killian’s acrobatic prowesses.

WARNING: Do NOT try these experiences at home without the supervision of an adult.

5 years ago, he opened his forehead on the corner of a furniture trying to run away from me (that will teach him).

3 years ago, he decided to jump from the roof of our jungle gym onto the umbrella, hoping to bounce back into the pool. No, his plan did not work out and yes, he ended up with a hole in his skull.

Last year, he tried to jump off the rope in our garden, misjudging the backward momentum effect and ended up breaking his arm – 6 week in a cast with no swimming!

And a few days ago, he jumped in the pool grabbing the concrete side at the same time and landed on his chin. A 2 hour wait and 3 stitches later, he proudly wears another big plaster on his face.

It seems that we became very fond of tradition #2; so even though we planned on only making it a bi-annual trip, it seems that we’re speeding it up and did it again this year. Watch this space?!

At 30

At 7At 8

#3. My third tradition is having a very disappointed mum because the parcel she sent a month ago did not arrive in time for Christmas.

Disclaimer: All comments about the South African postal services might be an overreaction and an exaggeration as there are still a few days before that parcel shows up!!

My mum who can’t be with us for Christmas always sends a lovely parcel with exciting goodies for everyone. Every year, she prepares it well in advance but the south african postal services are not as efficient as the french ones. They might be friendlier but friendliness does not count as much as french mustard and mayonnaise!

And there you have it! You too can make up your own traditions! Happy Christmas!

4 Responses to “#FailTraditions”

  1. craigandkerry December 28, 2012 at 8:44 am #

    Love that “Tree”! very pretty. I almost made one similar in SA and then chickened out at the HUGE effort it would have taken. And Killian, Killian! Seriously kid how come you’re still alive????? You have more lives than a cat!

  2. Marraine December 19, 2012 at 10:10 am #

    Je m’aperçois que votre petit Killian a besoin d’une grande surveillance, comme le lait sur le feu! Et tu n’as pas parlé de l’épine dans le pied !!!! Pauvre petit chéri, que de so
    uffrance ! Mille gros bisous

  3. themastersbard December 19, 2012 at 8:24 am #

    Heh heh this post really made me smile – and gasp with quiet wonder at our kindred spiritness! because I walked into a friend’s house (the gentle one who teaches piano) & she had a christmas tree her husband made – out of planks! graded so that it looked like branches of a pine. I LOVE that! said I. I’ll PAY your man to make me one!!! ♥

  4. renettepickering December 18, 2012 at 10:02 pm #

    Haha! Now THOSE are some real traditions!! Our main Christmas tradition seems to be utter decisionlessness and last minute scrambling, but Jordan has this one from his childhood that we do: He stuffs a ladies’ pantihose (just one leg) with small gifts, and places it at the foot of the girls’ bed to find on Christmas morning. It has to contain fruit, nuts, balls and small toys. I like to add a tin of condensed milk, which is a good memory from my childhood – you puncture a hole in the can and drink the condensed milk until you have a sugar headache and are utterly delirious with overindulgence. Traditions make life easier because everyone knows what’s about to happen, so I like the idea of having them in principle, but I want my own and I can’t seem to think of any good ones. Thanks for sharing yours. XXXR

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