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Fruit Feast…

13 Nov

Group shot, 17 kids and a few more missing!

Fruit is healthy. Fruit looks good. Fruit is cheap. We had a Fruit Feast at the Maynardville park. It’s just a name. We had a picnic with loads of kids, quite a few parents, tons of dress-up clothes and much more other food than just fruit. It was fun! Next time we’ll try the fruit 🙂

Jethro and Kaira, a pirate and an indian, although she insisted that she was just a normal person!

That would be Katherine!!

Léa, flying fairy

Little Leah

On the tourniquet...

Mary, aka Leah!

Thanks Renette for organising the crowd, the clothes and the feast!


A Summer Soirée…

9 Nov

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Because we thought that November is not a busy enough month, this year, we decided to add an extra happening in our schedule. Phillip’s birthday and mine are only 2 weeks apart, so we organised a combined birthday bash. Nothing more than a band playing, a patio under disguise, a few dozen of guests and some deluxe catering. Nothing really… 🙂

After weeks of over-anxiety by Phillip and under-stress on my side, a few disagreements over the renting of a tent, some last minute plan including Derek’s Scout skills in creating a tent from (ugly)blue canvas and an unplanned emergency trips for video tape(!!), the party was finally ready to be happening.

Kirstin, Derek and I designed the shelter effect the day before, consisting of tying blue canvases to roofs, green fabric to trees, some crafty knots, a few cleverly arranged flower pots, artful fabric hanging, loads of candles, without forgetting the magical effect of fairy lights (many of them)… and voila!!

Kirstin (H) did all the catering, the least stressful part of the event. This is how difficult it was:

Me:  Kirstin, we need catering for 40 people.

Kirstin: OK.

Saturday evening, 6 o’clock, ding dong… and here are the (amazing) food platters. She utterly outdid herself and we are so very grateful for her hard work, in the midst of her exams!!

On the entertainment side, Derek and the band played for us. If you haven’t heard him sing yet…well, you’re missing out!! (At this point, it is a good time to advertise his next gig. Go to his facebook page and see for yourself at  Fans of Derek Leisegang ) The intimacy of the evening was heightened by Derek’s soft voice, Steven’s skillful hands on the bass and the melodious sound of Nicola’s cello. Even the weather was clement, the rain stayed away and the wind died down.

For the visual effect… The slideshow “samples” the preparations, the afternoon rehearsal, the stomach-talk and the summer soirée… Take the time to watch the pictures, all 48 of them!

Thank you to my special husband whom I didn’t thank on the evening. I don’t say it often enough but he knows what he means to me, much more than (public) words…

Thank you to all who shared that special evening with us…

And thank you to the Lord for keeping us close to Him, in season of rain and in season of drought…

An evening with Derek Leisegang…

8 Oct

A couple of weeks ago, Derek had a gig at the Labia Theater in town. Usually photos speak louder than words but I’m afraid that my pictures don’t speak too loudly this time. The lighting (or lack of thereof) makes it hard to have a clear shot without having the atmosphere compromised… I’m afraid my pictures don’t do justice to the personality of the evening and the acoustic quality of the performance.

However, the evening was enchanting. I brought two friends with me, knowing that they would not be disappointed. And they were not. Derek’s stage presence is simple and real. His natural down-to-earth and humility is felt in his music and makes it only more attractive!

Georgia was the song of the evening – for me at least!! I just knew it would be the ending song, the ‘unexpected encore’…

In pictures…

The beautiful labia,

The empty stage. I think there is something to be said for an empty stage. I absolutely love the ambiance that reigns on a stage filled with instruments, and yet devoid of the artist. It has a personality of its own.


Part of the decor. The people that had agreed to do the sound and the lights cancelled at the last minute. While Derek managed to source out a new sound equipment, the lights had to be completely homemade: it included lights from different homes (ahem ahem), fairy lights, orchids, a red paper lamp – yes, the chinese kind – and even two goldfish.

The goldfish(es?) survived…

Did I mention personality?

Some of the beautiful guests,


View from the stage. Back to the 30s…

First part of the concert: K, Ray and the Bird. Talented musicians, one with a violin, one with a sax – one of my favourite instruments. It has such a soul!

One of their songs was called Truth. Interesting to reflect on. Unfortunately, it is not on the album Waiting for Harmony.

Finally…. the artist of the evening 🙂

This has to be ‘the Derek’s pose’ (maybe it’s just a guitarist pose…)

Talented musician Steven at the bass, look at those long hands…


Chris at the drum,


When all has been said and sung, time to pack up!


Only one criticism though…. it’s always too short!

The beach and other cold places…

13 Sep

The 1st of September is Spring day. In typical fashion, it rains on that day as a welcome committee…

However, the 11 of September was a very hot day. So at 5pm (!!!!!!!!) we decided to go visit the beach. As I opened the car door, a gush of freezing wind flooded the car and turned me into a cold blooded creature. I wished I had taken along my lamb wool winter coat, but what the heck!!! It’s our first beach outing for the year and we shall enjoy it!!!

We stayed no longer than a full hour. I sat down and tried to warm myself up, while Phillip exchanged a few throws; the kids of course had the most fun. They played with their friends until their lips turned purple; at which point, they dashed to the warm car to change into dry clothes. After literally sand-inundating my car with half of the beach , they were dressed and we headed home!

IMG_8353.JPG IMG_8360.JPG IMG_8356.JPG IMG_8364.jpg IMG_8358.JPG IMG_8373.jpg IMG_8371.jpg IMG_8378.JPG IMG_8367.JPG

It’s a mix of Hayes and van Blerks’ kids as you can see. The blond little guy is not ours!!!! It was too cold to get up and take close-up pictures and Micah was the only one staying close by!!!

Summer is coming, just not at 5pm yet!

Oh and today, the car wash is on strike! On strike? Yes, on strike!

An evening of musical decadence…

3 Sep

44836_423077747154_609012154_5473777_1686585_n.jpgDerek is a legend… Ok not like the Beatles are a legend but Derek is our legend!

And we are ready for his launch. A whole bunch of new songs, mixed with old favourites and here’s a smooth cocktail for an exciting evening.

If you’ve heard Derek’s music, you know you want to be there. If you haven’t, just know you have to be there. The evening is bound to be filled with the unabridged atmosphere of the Labia theatre. For the historian lovers, the Labia Theatre is the oldest independent art-repertory cinema in the country. It was originally an Italian Embassy ballroom and was opened by Princess Labia in May 1949 as a theatre for the staging of live performances.

For your taste buds, go to Derek’s My Space and listen to a few of his songs.

Book your ticket! It’s in only 2 weeks time!!

Ooops, on the flyer, the email address has a mistake. It should read!

Becoming Mrs Craye…

18 Apr

This had to be the most beautiful wedding.

Not because it was the most expensive! It was a morning wedding.

Not because it was the most advertised one on Facebook with daily love messages! Some people barely knew she was engaged.

Not because it was the wedding awaited for years and years! They met last year on a mission to Namibia, got engaged and got married

Lisa and Johan tied the knot on this beautiful autumnal morning at the N.G. Kerk in Wynberg, a beautiful little church on top of a hill. If there was a price for the ‘most smiley’ bride, Lisa would have won it. Lisa is always smiling – that is true, but on Saturday 10 April, she was beaming. She has been waiting for 30 odd years, for the right guy that God would send her way. She has remained pure, she has remained faithful and if getting married was something we deserved, Lisa would have deserved it.

The wedding was filled with emotions as the loss of her parents was recalled. To see all 4 siblings looking after each other, loving each other so much and protecting their younger sister (Lisa) was a beautiful picture, even if tainted with sadness. I do not know Johan much – in fact almost not at all – but I trust Lisa’s judgment on him and he seems like a great man who will love and cherish her just as Christ loved the church (Much less perfectly of course being sinful and all!).

I am so overjoyed and thrilled for my sweet Lisa.And I wish both of them a very blessed marriage.

The groom anticipating his bride,


The beautiful little flower girl,


Lisa led to the altar by her brother,


Leaving as Mr and Mrs Craye!!


Another flower girl, called Happiness 🙂


The married couple leaving in the Land Rover!


This is such a Lisa-expression!!


Fashion Frugalista

18 Apr


On Thursday I got 4 new dresses, one new tee-shirt, one new top and amazing black heeled shoes. For nothing!

And where did I find all these new clothes? At my house! No, not at the bottom of my cupboard!

On Thursday I attended a clothes swapping party. Eleven of us, girlfriends, got together and instead of eating muffins and exchanging books, like we do once a month, we drank wine and exchanged clothes!!!

The brain behind the idea is Renette, who’s been trying to organise it since end of last year but we were all too busy. It worked out well because summer comes to an end and winter is showing its face and what a better time to empty your old cupboard and renew some of your garments!!

Renette came in the afternoon and we set up the place so nicely. It looked like a french boutique, ah!! The open plan of my house, the creativity of Renette and un-certain-je-ne-sais-quoi made the place very ouh-la-la!! A mirror here, some fairy lights there, strategically well-placed flowers, beautiful envelopes with a number from 1 to 11 and special shopping bags with the label Fashion Frugalista… and voila!

The setting up in the afternoon,



Kaira browsing 🙂


We were ready to welcome our guests!

When everyone was here, the first 3 guests started to browse and try a few items. Then the second team could go and so on. Even if we all started a bit shyly and sheepishly, soon it was the same buzz as the first day of sales at Woolworths. “Try this, it’s totally you”, or “oh dear, no, that’s not you at all”, and “mmh, maybe with a tee shirt underneath”, and “eish, maybe not with a black bra”…

Opening their magic numbers to determine who would go first,


Kirsty satisfied with her sparkling shoes!


Me trying my new super heeled shoes!


Aaaah, there was much discussion around a gel-bra!! No comment!


Good laughs around the table about the evening,


By the end of the evening, not much was left, apart from empty corners, half-empty wine bottles and completely shopped-out women!!


But what am I left with? Much more than a few new items of clothing.

I’m left with a great evening with friends. It’s amazing how quickly intimacy is built when you’re half naked in a room with other half-naked women – and trust me, there is nothing sexual in that statement!!

I’m left with the satisfaction that someone else can enjoy clothes that don’t fit me anymore.

And I’m left with the desire to have another one at the dawn of the next new season!!!

PS: For a different perspective on the evening, you can go on Renette’s blog or Taryn’s blog 🙂

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