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A potjie for Quarter Lifers

30 Mar

Two posts, two potjies 🙂

Wednesday we finished off our first term of Quarter Lifers around a Potjiekos! If you still don’t know what a Potjie is, read the previous post!

Etienne arrived super early to prepare meat, veggies, pots (did I mention he has quite a few?) and Chris arrived quite early to lend him a hand. As for the rest, they arrived just in time to enjoy company and food!

See, that’s us, in the new kitchen – yes I know I must post pics to show off the new kitchen…

And that’s the meat,


And that’s the (big) pots,


And that’s the small pot.


Etienne had made plans to make a delicious chocolate potjie – can you imagine – but we already had too many desserts, if there can be such a thing!

Here is only one of them,


Even with the focus at the wrong place, it looks pretty mouth-watering!! Courtesy of Kirstin H. 🙂

And that’s the reason why Killian loooooves Etienne!


And so the evening came and went, we had great chats, funny chats, serious chats… nothing earth shattering. Just a good time to end up the term.

I only have a few pics of the evening,






…and that’s it 🙂

Not much, I always mess up the group pics. Those I have are not blog-worthy đŸ˜Ļ

Memories, nothing else but memories

1 Mar

Looking through pictures, I was reminded of those ones that were taken just a few days before Craig and Kerry left for Australia. We went out for dinner and in true fashion, had to have a photo shoot, even at past ten in the evening, in a badly lit shopping mall! But memories are memories and I quite like these pics 🙂

Ok Kerry looks like a ghost and I look like an old grandma with oily skin and teary eyes, but who cares, right?



We can actually look normal 🙂

Missing you tall friend 🙂

When Tom turns 8…

16 Dec

Long overdue is sweet Tom’s birthday party. It was a sport party and all the friends came dressed appropriately, even the few girls.

Organised Caren had a list of 10 games for the morning and went through them to the letter. The kids had a total ball and they were exhausted by lunch time, always a good sign that they had FUN.

Pics pics pics…


IMG_4579.JPG IMG_4593.JPG IMG_4601.JPG IMG_4607.JPG IMG_4627.jpg IMG_4638.JPG

Karen brought her puppy and her baby and this is my favorite picture 🙂

I don’t know who’s the cutest…


It was a lovely party for a very special boy. happy birthday Tom. You are by far, Killian’s favorite 8 year old!!

When the end is really the end…

15 Dec

In a previous post about Busy Kids, I had implied that it was the last one… but I lied. This one was the last one, for real, the very last last of the last of Busy Kids.

It’s sad because:

1. Next year, there will be no more Busy Kids

2. The Tubmans are not on the picture.

3. The Newills will be out of the country.

4. The kids are growing up.

But it created many memories, and many crafts and many friendships formed…


Who can resist these smiles?

Les petits rats de l’Opera

2 Dec

Today was the last day of ballet.

It was Lea’s first year of ballet, as well as her two friends, Kiera and Katie. Lea really adored going to ballet each week, a bit less in winter when it’s FREEZING cold in that hall and the mere thought og removing your warm jacket is a killer, but as the days get warmer, so does the enthusiasm…

Sadly it seems that Kiera and Katie won’t be carrying on next year but amazingly Lea is very keen to carry on, on her own. For me, it shows how much she has grown this year in confidence in her self.

Last week she went to watch a little friend of hers doing her end of year concert at her ballet dancing, or so we thought. In my mind, I thought that maybe she’ll enjoy going to ballet with this little friend and since it is much closer to home, the better for me. But it turned out that the ballet dancing was in fact modern dancing. Well… as much as I like modern dancing – after all, this was my choice of sport for 10 years – the flashing red ankle-long leotard is much less attractive to the eye than the little tutu with the pink ballet shoes and the pink alice band and the pink rounded bun on the head. I sighed a sigh of relief when Lea vividly announced that she really wants to carry on doing ballet with Mariah, her teacher.

I did manage to get the first and only picture (well I have three in fact!) of the three ballerinas in their last attempt together to defy les petits rats de l’Opera




Heat wave and other disturbing events…

1 Dec

Saturday was the hottest day! A day where even the mummies swim! We have proof 🙂




I know! It’s scary stuff!!!

The Falconers were here for the afternoon and since James was trying to break a record of some sort, I can say with confidence that the kids swam from 3.15 until 6.30. They had such fun. I loved how they organised a little team game, where Lea, being the only girl, was still able to act like one 🙂








That meant that Caren and I had to stay by the pool for a good portion of the time, but it’s a good excuse for not doing anything else! The guys watched their very disappointing rugby (which by the way, no mention was made of it at church this morning…) and braiied a very delicious fillet. Caren even had a bite – maybe a slight attempt at rising her iron level – and enjoyed it!!

A very good day that ended with a mosquito flying in my ears at night, and three children quite tired the next morning 🙂

Busy Kids

29 Nov

On Friday we had our first Busy Kids of the term, and probably last one of the year. Just for that I thought it would warrant some picture-taking (or maybe I’m just too trigger-happy like Kerry would say). It’s been a good year at Busy Kids, it’s been a challenging year, it’s been a frustrating year too… but life is full of challenges and frustrations and joy too.

These busy kids have grown a lot this year in many areas. I remember how at the beginning of the year, there was a mum on duty to look after the littlies while the biggies were doing craft. Now in November, they are all at the big table: Sam, Matt, Becky and Jemma are not so littlies anymore. They definitely want their share of craft time! This last Busy Kids has reminded me that it is a real blessing to be able to create this learning environment for our children.

I think this year the kids learn to sit quietly for longer, to work together, to make playmates, to develop team work, to understand motivation by jelly beans, to tidy up before jelly beans, to wait for their turns, to give a chance to others, to try and be other-centered, not to fight over the best chair, not to jump on the couch, not to throw things in the pool, to ask questions by raising their hands, not to hit their neighbour with their hands, not to poke their mums, to go to the toilets on their own, to share their toys, to share their moods, not to share their germs, to love, to laugh, to live and to love some more… well, it’s been a very similar year to the previous ones after all!

The mums also learnt a lot. A lot of the things we learnt are very similar to the things the kids learnt. I will let you decide which ones of those things we had in common with the kids’ learning curve, and which ones we had already acquired ( like maybe not to jump on the couch?). Our Lord is gracious and is always transforming us and growing us. Thank goodness we’re never too old!!

This Friday, we did some christmas craft. The end result will only be visible next week after Taryn baked the goodies in the oven…So suspense suspense 🙂

These are a few shots of this last session. Hayley and her two monkeys Ben and Jemma are missing (we did so miss you my Hayls… and your two funny offsprings)

All ready to start the craft,


Intense concentration,




And let the fun begin,





And if you, mums, wondered why you have backache, just look at your posture,




There is also always time to snack,


and to detangle hair,


Next Friday, we’ll see the finished product of those christmas craft AND please please ladies, a group picture!!!

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