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Over the hedge, 25…

1 Dec

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Steven’s birthday… yeah! Go Steven!! He is now in his 2nd quarter of life and fits perfectly into Quarter Life 🙂

Without blowing his trumpet too loud – I don’t want to embarrass him too much – Steven is an amazingly gifted musician and singer and I find it a real priviledge to know him. I can’t say that I speak to him much – He’s not the talkative kind of person and neither am I, and I don’t always understand him – but the little I know about him is well worth knowing!! … In one word, a very happy birthday dear Steven!

A spontaneous (read “last minute”) Kirstenbosch picnic was then organised from his luuuuvely girlfriend Kirstin and so we went. There were lots of goodies to stuff your face with, Jess and Kirstin are happy bakers!! I, on the other hand, am trigger-happy…

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An evening of musical decadence…

3 Sep

44836_423077747154_609012154_5473777_1686585_n.jpgDerek is a legend… Ok not like the Beatles are a legend but Derek is our legend!

And we are ready for his launch. A whole bunch of new songs, mixed with old favourites and here’s a smooth cocktail for an exciting evening.

If you’ve heard Derek’s music, you know you want to be there. If you haven’t, just know you have to be there. The evening is bound to be filled with the unabridged atmosphere of the Labia theatre. For the historian lovers, the Labia Theatre is the oldest independent art-repertory cinema in the country. It was originally an Italian Embassy ballroom and was opened by Princess Labia in May 1949 as a theatre for the staging of live performances.

For your taste buds, go to Derek’s My Space and listen to a few of his songs.

Book your ticket! It’s in only 2 weeks time!!

Ooops, on the flyer, the email address has a mistake. It should read!

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