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13 Sep

Who am I kidding? Am I actually going to follow up with this one?

…This is my third blog, or rather my third attempt at having a blog. I like the idea of having one, I can even see some of the benefits of having a blog. What I lack is rather the self-discipline to have a blog. Maybe I just lack the time, the energy, the motivation or even the inspiration… whatever it is that I lack brings me here, to my third attempt at having a blog.

In case you did not notice, the previous post is dated of LAST YEAR!

I actually don’t believe in luck, so the title of this post is rather unfortunate. I will not count on ‘luck’ then to have a fairly regularly updated blog. I’ll just have to make it work. My first attempt was a blog about family life, the happenings within the house, and sometimes outside of it. It was interesting (for me at least) but as a beginner and a totally unexperienced one with codes and html, I was often left with an intense frustration. Who wouldn’t be when after writing for half an hour (and half an hour in front of the computer is very precious time in my home) and trying to upload a silly picture, everything freezes, or the picture just doesn’t suit the format required or or or… No need to say that my posts became rare, spaced out until there was no more. My second attempt was with the very good intention of trying to keep the Young Adults ministry from my church connected and in touch with what was happening, where and when. But by then, frustrated with the first blog, and not much less frustrated with the second, it also ended up in the dark corners of cyberspace.

With this third attempt of blogging, I’ve realised that combining those two failed efforts might just be the key. If this blog is going to reflect the life of this nest, there will be (should be) writings of all sorts. There will be the joys, the tears, the shameful moments, the unexpected words, the surprising events and the exciting news  of the life inside and outside the nest about the people from the nest or related to it.

So here is to my first post on my third blog. May it live just a bit longer than the other two together!!Cheers! 

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