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Letter from a mother…

14 May

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day.

Following my post on  (un)traditions, a friend of mine greeted me and jokingly asked if I was going to celebrate Mother’s Day in my untraditional way. Absolutely, I winked. The way we celebrate Mother’s Day is exactly the same way that we celebrate Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day. No plans, outing, gifts or gathering.

And yet, I confess that  I have the desire to feel special on that day. If  my children do not tell me how much they love me and how grateful they are that I am their mum, I feel cheated. I do. I shamefully admit that I once again feel the pressure to conform – burdening  my husband to make sure the kids have done their picture in love.

Looking at the history of where Mother’s Day come from (ahem… its main influence comes from America – Queen of traditions) and particularly how it developed in France, good old Wiki writes that while it started in the early 1900s as a national celebration honoring the mothers of large families (at the time France was alarmed by the low birthrate), in the 50s “the celebration lost all its patriotic and natalist ideologies, and became heavily commercialized”. How sad…

I absolutely resent the fact that my family is compelled to demonstrate their affection for me on the third Sunday of May – worse, that I get caught in it, as if it mattered in any way.

Bring the christian element in the celebration and it becomes catastrophic. The usher at church who wishes a Happy Mother’s day to the shocked 16 year old girl or my childless friend who wishes me a Happy Mother’s Day leaving me to blabber some incomprehensible response…

I’m linking a post that I read from a different blog. Simply, humbly and beautifully written (thank you, Amy Young).

How do we honor mothers without hurting the women who can not fit?

Maybe privately…


What? No school this year?

6 Mar

Nope. This year we decided to homeschool. 

When we finally took the decision in the middle of last year, I yielded my husband’s good advice and did not advertise it. My heart wanted to share it with everyone I bumped into, but my head told me not to. I am aware that it can be a divisive topic and I certainly did not want to be that. So hush hush I kept it, until it was time to reveal our intentions. First to my mum (what do you mean ‘school at home??’ ), then to my husband’s mum (‘Homeschooling? I’m not so sure…’ ), then to my close friends (yes, they are still close friends) and lastly to strangers who asked (‘All THREE of your children?’).

Nonetheless, half a year after taking that decision and almost a term into the reality of it, I think it’s appropriate that it becomes official, i.e. Facebook status and blog!! One day, when I’m old and senile and my children want to know when and why and how and who and any other ‘wh’ questions regarding their homeschooling time, I will be able to say ‘Well my poppet, I … I… can’t remember. Just read our blog…’

So when? … It started when she was in Grade 3, he was in Grade 2 and he was in grade R. It’s easy enough because they are still so little that I don’t lose my sleep over their next maths lesson. And ‘when’, just to reassure my mum who might be freaking out, it’s e-ve-ry-day mum!! Counting, writing, reading, spelling, grammaring…Except some fridays but with good excuses to learn about something wider that the walls of our house, some Mondays because Killian goes to a technology club. Every now and then on a Tuesday because we run errands; and occasionally we skip Thursday because we don’t feel like working. Otherwise, EVERY other day!! (Just kidding mamaaaaannn!!!)

Why? … Because I had enough of saying ‘quickly’ and ‘vite vite’ to them, morning to evening, monday to friday. I wanted to switch to ‘just relax’ (of course it’s not all of the ‘whys’ but it certainly was a part weighing on my heart).

Who?… Of course my 3 children. Someone asked me if I had other kids as well, so I said ‘No, I didn’t start a school, I started homeschool’. That aside, the ‘who’ includes much more than me and my kids. I love outsourcing help, they make their life richer and mine easier, starting with art, music, wood work…

How?… With a complete curriculum that does all the work for me so that during the day I teach my kids, and in the evening, I can spend time with my husband ( and our housemate at the moment, wink wink…)

And voila! This is the summarized neat version of what is happening inside our walls this year. Emphasize on “neat” of course because the reality is always so much more murky 😉 Sometimes the ‘when’ is far too often, I wonder ‘why’, I can’t stand the ‘who’ and I’ve forgotten “how’.

But to finish on a positive note, I really enjoy homeschooling my kids and they seem to enjoy it too. And if only for these reasons, I am glad.

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