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Beauty is skin deep

6 Feb
My imaginary friend, Dee Dee McCall. Sometimes, she still visits.

My imaginary friend, Dee Dee McCall. Sometimes, she still visits.

Growing up, I was a total fan of a police series called Rick Hunter. In fact, I had a bizarre attachment to the female (!!) lead Dee Dee McCall. Then I grew up and CSI came on the scene, which switched my interest from doing the cop career into a forensic career.

Somehow, I ended up being a stay-at-home mum, homeschooling my children  (a mix of the two above-mentioned careers) but my love for the police force and crime scenes meant that I’m not a ‘sensitive viewer’.

Now you might be wondering where I am going with all these juicy details of my childhood.

Well I’m going to Bodyworlds! Or rather I have been to Bodyworlds. This expo is absolutely mind-boggling.

Life without skin. It's not pretty.

Life without skin. It’s not pretty.

What is it about? It’s really about dead bodies. Why go see dead bodies, you might ask, when you can just watch CSI? After these bodies are fixed into lifelike poses, they are hardened through a process too difficult for me to explain. Plastination (a process used to preserve those bodies) allows us to see exactly how our bodies respond to everyday movement (organs, muscles, ligaments…) And to see what happens inside our bodies, skin is removed. Now don’t be grossed out, it is a-ma-zing! Go check-it-out!! It’s in Cape Town at the moment until end of March but it’s been all around the world.

I took my children (6,8 and 9) to the expo (homeschooling and bla bla bla) And this is what we remember and learnt:

#1. One exhibit is a foetus. Several foetus, at different age, starting at 3 weeks. I can assure you that my children will never say that a foetus is not a baby. That exhibit for me was really sad, given that these babies were alive but then died.

#2. One exhibit shows the difference between a healthy lung and a smoker lung. Don’t smoke. Your lungs will get ugly.

#3. One exhibit is displaying two baller dancers. Let’s just say that the tutu helps you forget that often, her bum is right where his head is.

#4. One exhibit is the very-talked-about sex scene. If you’ve watched any movies rated 13, you probably saw something far more raunchy than this exhibit. There is very little sex appeal about the backbone of a girl split apart to reveal the male penis inserted into her vagina… ok, ok, I see you’re blushing. It’s all right. Breath in, breath out. It’s finished.

#5. One exhibit showed an overweight man and described where the layers of fat settle. Of course, me and my renowned sensitivity, I read the description and exclaimed “What? This guy weighed 150kgs!!” to which a voice from behind replied “Well, that’s about what I weigh”. So we learned to eat healthily on that exhibit. And to be more discreet.

#6. The most important thing we learnt from this expo is that God did a really good job when He put skin on us. Beauty is really skin deep.

So what will it be: CSI or Bodyworlds?

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